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Date Night

I’m a little late with writing about our date night. Saturday evening I babysat two girls ages 10 and 4, so hubby and I stayed home. We went out on Sunday instead. We took the little 7 month old baby boy that I watch with us.

For supper we ate at Taco Casa. It’s one of my Lupe’s favorite place (mine too). I ordered the Super Taco Salad. I only eat the inside and leave the taco shell.
We then had to stop at the apartments to drop off either an invoice or rental agreement. Can’t remember which.

After we took care of business we went to Half Price Books. I was looking for The Wizard of Oz. I own it but can’t find it. I must have put it in storage before Lupe set up the book catalog system.

I can’t believe Half Price didn’t have that one book. I always see The Wizard of Oz book there. In fact I see multiple copies.
On the way home we got a Starbucks coffee and went home to watch, Alaska the Last Frontier.

And that was our date night. The little guy was good as always.

As I’m typing at 10:19:
~Joshua and Brent are listening to a Jonathan Park cd
~The ‘Little Guy’ is sleeping in my room
~Ethan is sleeping on the couch
~Lance, Annette, and Caleb are listening to Adventures in Odyssey (they listen as they fall asleep)
~I’m typing this post
~Lupe is resting his eyes. I have a cold cloth on his eyes because his allergies are really bad this season. The worst he has ever experienced. He’s sneezing, has itchy watery eyes, coughing, and is blowing his nose all day. He started taking Zer something but I ordered some cherry bark and bayberry from Vitacost. I hope it will help.


  1. Sounds like a great date night, and that food looks yummy. I like Alaska The Final Frontier too, but I've only seen season 1. I'm waiting for the other seasons to come on Netflix. :)

  2. We don't have cable but for some reason we get the Discovery Channel which is great because the kids love watching all the survival stuff.

  3. Looks like a great date!

    I hope that your husband is feeling better. Allergies are not fun and it wears you down.


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