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Homeschooling 2013/1014

There has been a lot of changes here. This year has had its homeschool ups and downs. Lots of downs I must say.

I don’t wan to go into too much of it in this post because I really want to post about our day. Basically we are concentrating on doing phonics/reading/spelling via Reading Lessons Through Literature. A friend and I are both using this and have committed to using it for 6 weeks. 

We (Homeschooling6) will also do math, anything else is gravy. Things like our Narnia Study, All American History, and Memoria Press stuff.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I started off with my three middle boys, Ethan 11, Caleb 13, and Brent 12 with the advanced schedule.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Today was a ‘pre-test’ of sorts. Caleb and Brent have done Phonics Road in the past and Spell to Write and Read, so they pretty much know most of the sounds. The ones that are circled are the phonograms that all of the kids missed and those will be the ones we will really study this week.

Reading Lessons Through Literature has the list of spelling words are organized around the Elson Readers stories which are included.

My kids and I had fun going through all the basic 75 phonograms. It actually brought back some memories of when we used this. Brent use to challenge himself before using the Spell to Write and Read cd.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Above is Brent writing as I dictate the sounds.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Caleb’s work above.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I’d first dictate the sound, give them 5-10 seconds to write the phonograms in their notebook, and I’d write it on the board. I could have just flipped the flashcard around but I am teaching Ethan cursive as well. He has done cursive in the past but not regularly.
Ethan completing a Rod and Staff drill sheet.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Lance acting silly. He’s suppose to practice writing his phonograms, a,c,d,g. He knows the sounds but I need him to be able to write the letters as well. He can make the a, c, d, but the g is more difficult for him.
This is how I like to see the kids, happily doing school. We are trying our best to keep the table clear but it’s so hard. Everything on the table is school stuff (except my vitamin D tablets but I put them there so I’ll remember to take them).

Josh and Annette continue to use Heart of Dakota and do a full school day. It’s just he younger four that I’m concentrating on Language Arts and Math.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write about what they are using and why we are only focusing on two subjects soon.

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