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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 25

As you may know, I LOVE my coffee time Coffee cup. Sometimes I don’t actually get to sit and drink my coffee but that’s okay. I’m a mama of 6 and a babysitter of many little ones who come through the doors of Homeschooling6.
This java drinker is also a mug collector. I have many favorites for different reasons. One maybe that a sister or dear friend gave it to me. Sometimes it’s a place like Yellowstone Park that we visited, this favorite mug doesn’t have any sentimental value. It’s just cozy. It reminds me of snuggling with my children.
It’s a good size coffee mug too, 16oz!
Lately I’ve been drinking my coffee with 2 packets of Sweet Leaf Stevia and coconut cream, yum!
I love my heavy cream and half and half but I’m trying to eliminate a little more dairy in my life. It’s so hard to find a good dairy source so coconut milk it is for me.
I still have some organic half and half in the fridge so I haven’t completely switched over but thankfully I’m getting use to coconut cream. It really is good and the cream doesn’t seem to look as ugly in my coffee like coconut milk did. I do stir vigorously as I pour it in my coffee though. Not so much that it’s flying out of my mug and making a mess, just more than I would cream or half and half.
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  1. I love my coffee time too! I haven't tried coconut cream in my coffee. I have tried coconut milk but I admit I prefer my half & half.

  2. Hi, Tess, I love when I can sit and read a book or blog but that doesn't always happen.


  3. My coffee friend :) Such a sweet post and love the words behind your cup reminding you of snuggling with your children....too precious!


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