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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 31

Last night my hubby told Lance to make room for the milk and cheese that we purchased. I was in the kitchen reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, and I’d here Lance ask, “Is this still good?”. I was semi paying attention. I didn't realize he was organizing the fridge. What a sweetie!
The middle shelf has a super over ripe banana. The bowl has chocolate chip cookie dough. Josh likes it to be more firm when he bakes them.
As I’m typing:
~Joshua is completing his Heart of Dakota school
~Brent is just wandering around the house
~Annette, Caleb, Lance, went to the library with Grandpa
~Ethan is playing in his room
~Lupe is at work
~I am enjoying a cup of java with coconut cream and sweetened with Sweet Leaf Stevia


  1. Can you refrigerate bananas?! I just learned today that you can refrigerate avocados - I never have. If I had to take a pic of my fridge right now, I'd die of embarrassment! I was just thinking today that it desperately needs cleaned out! How sweet of Lance to clean and organize it!

  2. Yes, freeze them too. That lonely banana in the back is really brown though. My hubby buys those .99 bags of bananas and sometimes we don't eat them fast enough so we save them for a smoothie.

    If we are not trying to 'save' a banana then it stays out of the fridge ;)

  3. We freeze bananas too, makes yummy bread. Looks like he did a great job with your fridge. :)


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