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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 8

I’m cheating today with my Let’s Click pics. I was so busy yesterday. The first half of the day teaching and the second part of the day watching a cute little baby. He was a bit more fussy than usual. And I thought about my “Let’s Click” picture for the day but was not able to get to it.
Thankfully I can set the blog calendar back.
This picture for toady is called “Hands”. In this picture the hands are Brent’s.
Ethan’s cute hands.
I have always loved taking pictures of my babies feet and hands but never thought to take them now that they are older.
That was until I started taking pictures of my niece and nephew’s hand because I didn’t want to put full pics of them for privacy reasons.
I really liked those pics of their hands and thought to myself, ‘why don’t I take pics of my children's hands too. Ever since I’ve been taking pics of my their hands. They are not chubby and little anymore but still cute to this mama!

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