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Low-Carb Eats (Atkins)

Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate Shake=3 net carbs

Snack: Atkins Oatmeal Bar=6 net carbs

Lunch: 2 beef ‘burritos’,  with 2TBL sour cream and 1 oz cheese. The ‘tortilla’ made from eggs and a mudslide muffin in a minute=8 net carbs

Snack: 10 Almonds=.97 net carbs

Dinner: Atkins Swedish Meatballs Dinner=6 net carbs and 1 cup broccoli (guessing 9.8 net carbs)=Total 15.8

Snack: Low-carb pumpkin cheesecake pie=5

I also had one piece of Skinny Chocolate (mine was plain though, just coconut oil, cocoa, and sweetener)

Around 39 net carbs for today.
I need to work on a real crepe look but these did the job and they are super low carb. I got the recipe from my Trim Healthy Mama book.
My mudslide or is it volcano, can’t remember, muffin in a mug, also from Trim Healthy Mama. I love some of their recipes and use them often. I like that some are lower in fat. Just because it’s okay to eat lots of healthy good fats on Atkins doesn’t mean one has to gorge on it all day (like many people believe Atkins is all about eating bacon and cheese and absolutely no cabrs, so untrue).

Some days  I had my share of good fats and feel like something with less. Although the volcano MIM is not one of them because it does have a tablespoon of coconut oil (I used ghee in this time), so why am I writing about fat, uh, I don’t know. I was thinking my MIM was one of the lower fat ones then realized it wasn’t, hehe Smile with tongue out.

As you can see I had an Atkins shake for breakfast, yum, it was good. Breakfast is the hardest meal for me. I don’t always have time to make something or other times I just don’t want to eat BUT I am a homeschooling mama and do need to eat something so a shake is better than nothing.
Even making my Fat Stripping Frappa takes time so grabbing a shake is super fast. Then there are the morning that I have all the time in the world. Those are the morning I’ll make pancakes or eggs or a low-carb smoothie.

My lunch was a bit much. I was actually very satisfied by the time I ate the last spoonful of my muffin. It was very good too!

Supper, I added some broccoli, it was delish! Yesterday was kind of an weird off day for me. Supper was a ‘fend for yourself’ night so I grabbed one of my Atkins frozen dinners. I usually add more veggies to get those 12-15 net carbs in. Today I need to eat up some beets, this is one of the great things I love about Atkins. It gets me eating my veggies.

That was another day of Homeschooling6 Mom eating, haha, like you all are really interested in what I eat everyday but writing it down keeps me accountable with me eating my veggies. I can go days without touching a vegetable Sad smile.

One of my New Year goals is making sure I’m getting my veggies in. One way that really helps is buying frozen precut veggies. I especially like the onion mix. I add this too lots of my dishes. A 3/4 cup is 5 net carbs and my goal is to eat between 12-15 net carbs of veggies a day.

Maybe I’ll write a post on how I get enough veggies in, that would be fun and it will give be a project to do, you know taking pics and stuff.

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  1. Good Job! I loved your burrito wrap idea.


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