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Organized or Unorganized

I’m a scatter brain kind of person and sometimes my space can look like how my brain feels. I can tell you what is under the pile of papers on the printer. I know exactly what’s in there, same with the cabinets above the computer desk. And my school binder is sort of the same way.

I have tried in the past to make a nice, neat, tidy binder but it never works for me. I don’t use it. You know the ones with the pretty calendar and all. They are gorgeous and I’d love to use one but I’ve come to just accept that my binder is more like my brain, scattered.
I did make a front cover for my binder. I wanted it in color but we are low on ink.
I need to see everything otherwise I’ll forget about it (that’s why my desk is a mess, I need to see it all, my hubby can’t stand that, he’s a lot more organized them I am) so I like clear pockets and such.
Homeschooling6 Binder
When I open my binder there are stickers and pieces of paper that I don’t want to forget about. On the right are my dry erase marker, a sharpie, pencil (not shown), Burt’s Bees chapstick, and index cards. I am always looking for my dry erase marker so I had this brilliant idea, put it in the binder.
Homeschooling6 Binder
Next you’ll find a pocket with worksheets that I want Brent and Ethan to complete. Right now I want to make sure they memorize their math facts. They know many but I noticed they need more practice with multiplication. Again, if I see it I won’t forget to hand it out.
Turn the pocket over and it’s phonograms time. On the right are the cards for Lance. Also in the blue pencil holder are phonogram card that Caleb, Brent, and Ethan need to practice daily. On the left are phonogram cards that I want Caleb, Brent, and Ethan to do weekly. See how confusing all those cards can get Winking smile I had them in a plastic container but I kept losing it and it didn’t work for me. I prefer to have them in the binder.
Homeschooling6 Binder
Next is the phonogram schedule.
Homeschooling6 Binder
I have my phonogram & spelling rules, just in case I need to take a peek.

And that my dear friends is how I have organized my binder so I’m not wasting time looking for  marker, pencil, and/or phonogram cards. I love it! Now I need one for math. I would like to 3-hole punch the teacher manuals and stick them all in one binder.

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  1. I love feeling organized but sometimes find it hard to put it all together.


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