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Our School (and Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 20)

Today I thought I’d show you our school house. We don’t have a lot of room in our little house and at times it’s very frustrating because I miss having space. Space to teach one child in a quiet area.
I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and have a class room. I love being a teacher to my children but I still want that class room. I want a room where we can put all our books, supplies, and I can teach.
I know teaching goes on beyond a school room but I still want one. It’s a constant battle within me. I know I need to be thankful for what I do have and need to stop thinking about what I don’t have.
I won’t lie, it’s something I have to go to the Lord about almost every day because I covet having a school room.
It’s very humbling going from a larger more beautiful house to a small more not so beautiful house. I try not to think about what we had but what we have.
I love books. This is only a sampling of our books. I have over 30 boxes of books in storage. Hubby says I need to really weed through them. I don’t want to. I like ALL my books.
Here is where I keep our school curricula that we don’t use on a daily bases. Brent made a comfy spot. He is working on math.
Brent looks ‘real’ happy about his math assignment.
Lance is a monkey guy. He collects them. His favorite are Sock Monkeys and Curios George. There is a bear tucked back there as well. He likes bears too, just not as much as monkeys. The bear was a free gift I got from Amazon in 2012, so I gave it to Lance for CHRISTmas. Caleb found both the bigger Curios George’s for twenty-five cents at different times (a year apart). I think Caleb gave one to him for his 8th birthday and one for CHRISTmas last year (2013).
Annette does most of her school at the kitchen table. I don’t how she does it with me teaching her younger siblings at the same table.
Heart of Dakota
Annette’s school work.
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Joshua’s desk today.
Today is Week two of Stick with It 6 Week Challenge and I’m happy to report we completed another day of Reading Lessons Through Literature.
I decided to split Caleb, Brent, and Ethan up. Ethan is having a hard time keeping up and he gets very discouraged when he’s the only one missing lots of the phonograms.
Today I had Caleb and Brent review the phonograms, study words missed from last week, and added new words.
With Ethan, we went over 10 phonograms that he was having a hard time with. I showed him the phonogram card, said the sound, had him repeat and write it down. After I dictated those same sounds. If he didn’t know the phonogram he told me and I would show him, have him write, and I actually had him say, “a-u, says /au/ and may not be used at the end of English words”, I think by him saying ‘a-u’ it will help. That’s not normally recommended but again, I think it will help Ethan.
With Lance I had him practice last weeks letter in cursive (and the sounds) and added four more.
They all did their math too! Wahoo, I’m a happy mama!
It’s a sunny day (69*) so the kids played outside too. It’s wonderful not being boggled down with so much school that the kids don’t usually get to enjoy a nice day outside.


  1. Besides the fact that I can relate to your love of books, I can also relate to the downsizing. We sold our home (that we built) with lots of natural light and pretty views to get out of debt so we could homeschool. We rent now, and while I feel so blessed where we are, I long for a house that is bright and sunny and new again. And I agree - it is very humbling. :)

  2. Oh, Michelle, thank you for sharing, you really blessed me today. Our previous house had lots of windows too. In fact our bedroom had almost as many windows as this house.


  3. Love, love, love all your books! After years of feeling cramped and frustrated, my prayers were answered and I am truly enjoying the close encounters with my family. I love having my children close by during all hours of the day. I can keep them accountable and I am so blessed by many special moments together that I may have missed if I had a school room where I left them to do an assignment while I worked on a meal in the kitchen. Now I get to hear their little giggles together (some arguments) but especially just their conversations.

    I will be praying that you feel peace over your cozy home. I can see love and family all over your blog through your photos and heart felt words . . .
    truly B L E S S E D!

  4. That is so true. I forget about these things when I'm so busy wanting that larger house. But yes, you are right, I do love having my kiddos around where I can see and hear them. Thank you for the reminder.

    Being blessed :)

  5. Love the bookcases. :)


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