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Schoolhouse Review: Mango Languages

Mango Languages Review
“Yes!”, is what my eldest son said when I told him we were selected to review Mango Languages. It was double “Yes!!!!” when I also mentioned that we had access to over 60 languages.
Mango Languages has been around for 7 years and is available at some libraries. The difference between the library version and the Mango Homeschool Edition is:
  • The public library has only 1 of any given language where the homeschool version has all levels and languages
  • The homeschool version has the community features which I mention below.
We were fortunate to receive a full year of Mango Languages-Mango Homeschool Edition for 4 students plus myself for a total of 5 users. This is an online course.
Mango Languages
Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, and Greek, here I come is what my son Joshua said. This year he is studying Spanish so we though he’d better concentrate on that language for now.
I’ll take you on a tour of Mango Languages!
Once you’ve logged into your account and selected a language you can get started right away.
I selected Biblical Hebrew.
 Manog Languages 
Each language passport has what they call a Journey. My children are learning Spanish and that has Journey 1, Journey 2, and Journey 3.
Manog Languages
In the “Files” section of the Spanish Course your child can print what is being taught for those ‘on the go’ kind of days. Your child can simply print and practice Spanish while you’re running errands or if they won’t have access to a computer for a while. My kids like to put them in their notebook. They’d pull them out and practice without having to use the computer.
Mango Languages Files 
On the top right corner of the page (above) you will hit Log into Mango. This will open up another window.
Manog Languages
I love how pretty the Hebrew page looks.
As you can see I already started my Hebrew lesson. All I need to do is hit Resume Lesson and I’m able to start where I left of. Even if it’s in the middle of lesson.
mango 2
If I want to check the progress of my children I can log into their account from the parent dashboard.
Mango Languages has a community all its own, you can chat with others learning the same language or join groups. Because I prefer my children not to chat with people they and I don’t know we didn’t use many of these features.
Mango Languages Screen Shot
We did use the e-Notes. I’d send them an encouraging note.
How we used it: Four of my children used Mango Languages during the review period. I had originally thought only Joshua and Annette would use Mango Languages but to my surprise Caleb and Lance used it too.
Many mornings I would find Joshua (15yrs), Annette (14yrs.), and Caleb (13yrs) huddled around the computer using Mango Languages (learning Spanish). They each had their own account but they chose to do it together. Joshua was the leader of the “Mango” Spanish group.
All three of them would take turns saying the the words and writing them in their notebooks. Joshua loves note taking so the notebook idea was his. I think it’s a great way for the children to learn how to spell the language they are learning.
When they would get to a test/quiz and didn’t do well they would go back and redo that particular section. The one downside for the kids was they didn’t know exactly what they missed and should practice. Because of this they would redo the whole journey.
Mango Languages is actually in the process of ‘upgrading’ this aspect of their program. In about a month from the time of this review they will have these available for you to print them from a pdf. and eventually the children will know what exactly they missed. The tracking portion of the program won’t be available for a few more months (sometime this spring).
Lance (9yrs) really surprised me. He’d ask me to log on Mango Languages. Because Lance is very animated and loves things to be animated too, I thought for sure he’d be bored and tire of using Mango Languages. Nope, on his own (because I didn’t require him to use Mango) he would practice his Spanish.
What we liked about Mango Languages: It was easy to get started. There are not a lot of components. Once your account is set up you can get started with learning a new language. I liked that all my children ages 9-15 were able to use this independently.
There are many features but we kept it simple with not using many of the community or groups stuff. I did not tell Lance about the whiteboard because he would have way too much fun playing around with that and not getting his language learning done.
Joshua my eldest son said he would have liked a workbook to go along with his Spanish course (an optional one would be nice for those who like that kind of thing). I’m not surprised as this lines up with Joshua’s learning style. Now the rest of my kiddos, no, to them a workbook would just mean more work.
Joshua easily remedied this by using a notebook. He basically copied almost everything because of his learning style this helped him retain the information on spelling and grammar.
Mango Languages Pricing:
~1 subscription is $18.00/month or $125.00/year total
~2 subscriptions is $28.00/month or $175.00/year total
~3 subscriptions is $38.00/month or $225.00/year total
~4 subscriptions is $48.00/month or $275/year total
~5 subscriptions $58.00/month or $325.00 year total
Anything over 5 subscriptions will be considered a group rate which depends on the number in the group.
The intended age for Mango Languages is 6 through adult.
You can find Mango Languages at Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
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  1. Biblical Hebrew! My kids all loved using Mango Languages, but you may have just convinced me to learn Biblical Hebrew myself.


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