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Simplifying At Homeschooling6

This year with homeschooling had been a challenge. With 6 children + an adorable baby and 6 different grades and 4 struggling readers and spellers, well let me just say I have felt so discouraged.
Because my younger 4 boys struggle so much I have to teach and be there for almost all subjects and it’s hard.

I was chatting with one of my homeschooling mamas on FB. We both have the same struggles with homeschooling and we both were just plain having a hard year.

One day we were talking about how our children struggle with reading, spelling, and writing.
My friend had a good suggestions. She said, “Why don’t we focus with only teaching reading. Put everything else away, after all if they haven’t mastered reading how can they write and spell or read their science/history books?”
Light bulb moment!

We both don’t have time to be there for every. single. subject, so it made a lot of sense to get rid of them except for reading and math.

Reading Lessons Through Literature 1
We both committed ourselves to use this for 6 weeks. We’ll then revaluate and see if we would like to continue. We are also accountable to each other and will give each other updates daily.

There’s a bonus for us with using Reading Lessons Through Literature because it does teach spelling, so we’re killing two birds with one stone, wahoo!

The other subject for me that is really important so I don’t want to put it on hold is math.
I am using Making Math Meaningful with Lance, Ethan, and Brent. Brent thankfully can do most of it on his own, although last week and today I had to sit with him.

Ethan and Lance I do sit with and for the days when I absolutely don’t have time (I know sounds horrible) they have a workbook with only problems (adding, subtraction, multiplication, division) that they can do for practice.

Caleb is using Math-U-See Zeta and does most of it himself.
So that’s how I’m simplifying our homeschool days by only concentrating on 2 subjects. If we do add another subject than good for us, like today I added copywork for the two older boys, Caleb and Brent. This is because I want them to continue writing in cursive.

I’m trusting the Lord here and praying daily about this because it can be very scary letting go of all subjects but I know I need to do this.

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