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Stick with it 6 Week Challenge-Week 2

It’s been cold here at Homeschooling6. We covet our little heaters. As I’m typing I have the oven on and a heater next to me.

Wow, another week done with Stick with it Challenge! Can’t believe I’m a third way through the challenge.

Just a refresher, the challenge is to stick with a phonics/reading program with my four younger children: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance. Only do math and Reading Lessons Through Literature during the challenge. If I fit another subject in that’s wonderful but my goal is to stick with reading and math.
During this time I’m trying to figure out what writing program I want to use, there are a few I’m pondering but I have no idea. The writing program from Memoria Press was not my cup of tea. 
I had a hard time with it, it took too much time not only to teach it but prepare as well. I even purchased the DVD to help but it wasn’t going to work.

Yesterday (Thursday) I’ll admit I didn’t do phonograms with Lance. My commitment is 4 times a week so I can make that day up with Lance on Friday or Saturday. I did teach the other children though. I didn’t take any pictures of them using Reading Lessons Through Literature today.

Week 2-Day 3 (1/22/13)
Teaching Textbooks
I had Annette take a day off from MUS to take a placement test from Teaching Textbooks. I like to do that now-and-then.
Teaching Textbooks
The boys completing their AWANA lessons.
Heart of Dakota
Joshua reading from his science text.

With Caleb and Brent I read another chapter from Narnia. I want to use Further Up and Further In with them this year but I don’t really like it all that much. I think because it’s to loosey-goosey with the Language Arts, the science would be nice but I’m not into a whole lot of researching. We don’t get to the library much, don’t have a set of encyclopedias, and I don’t want the kids online researching (the younger ones).

I think I’d like the science and history more if we had a set of encyclopedias. This way the kids can go read up on the subject then write a paragraph or outline.
Further Up and Further In
I do like the Bible part though. Some days there are three sections for the Bible and it’s a lot. I know we can pick and choose but it’s all so good.

Week 2-Day 4 (1/23/13)
Heart of Dakota
Annette working in her notebook.
Heart of Dakota
Annette doing a Math-U-See assignment.
Today with Caleb and Brent I had them review any missed words from the spelling list. They also reviewed all the 2+ letter phonograms (cei, ti, ight, etc.).

Caleb and Brent had a fun time. Sometimes I act silly and make them laugh other times they act silly and make me laugh. Today we had extra laughs because we were all acting silly.
Things I hear as we do our Reading Lesson Through Literature:
~I got this!
~In the dust! (this is when they get competitive with each other, all in fun of course!)

Once done with their reading lesson I had them write any misspelled words three times each as well as the phonograms. They are instructed to say the sounds of the phonogram each time they write. With their spelling words I have them say all the letters, t-h-e-y-‘-r-e, I also have them study the phonograms within the word, th ey etc.

With Ethan, I printed out another schedule page and went through all the phonograms again. I crossed out all the ones he knew immediately. This way I know which ones he needs to work on. I was keeping separate piles of the phonogram cards, some were rubber band together, others were grouped together, and I was getting so confused.

Printing a schedule for each child and marking them is really a lot easier.
Reading Lesson Schedule
This is a picture from last week but basically I printed one for each child, crossed out the phonograms, and can now see at-a-glance which ones Ethan, Caleb, Brent, and Lance need to practice more. Instead of going over all the phonograms we can concentrate on the ones that they need practice with.

When I called Lance for school he did NOT want to come. He came with a sulky attitude. I tried to capture it but instead I got a Lance with a smile.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I didn’t make a big deal about, just started school and soon he was a happy boy again.
Lance looking overly happy.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Lance writing a phonogram.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Lance loving his school time.


  1. You are doing sooo good!

    Look at all the smiles -- even the ones who start out with the "sulky attitude"!

  2. Congratulations on sticking with it! Sometimes it just feels right to keep up with a challenge. It has been freezing in our neck of the woods as well. I often find my children wrapped in blankets on a heating register while completing their school work! Fun memories! I like how you have bound Annette's notebook. What a great idea! I think I may try it for the next notebook. Did the hole punches get in the way of the spiral binding? I also noticed that she works on separate paper and tapes it to the page. Is there a reason for this? My dd writes directly on her pages. It doesn't look great when she makes a mistake. :( I would love to hear more about your oldest using the HOD geography guide! It looks interesting and like a lot of work!

  3. Hi,Linda, no the 3-hole punches did not get in the way of the spiral binding.I have spiraled quite of a few 3-hole punched books.

    Annette and her brother don't like the shiny-ness if you will of the pages. They prefer to draw or write on regular paper.

    I do need to blog more about the older ones and I have been meaning to take pictures of their notebooks to do a blog post. I just need to get moving ;)


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