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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge (week 3!)

We are almost half way through with our challenge and it’s going nicely.
With Caleb and Brent we completed Spelling List 2 and 3. There are a lot of words that they have missed from previous list (like 10+). I plan to continue dictating these words but not focus our whole lesson on them. Each time they spell a word that they missed correctly 3x I won’t review it weekly, maybe monthly.

The words that they are misspelling they can read, so we will continue on with the Spelling List. My main focus is to get them reading well.

Lance came to the table not happy. He and Ethan had an argument.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
With Lance I reviewed some of the phonograms that he hasn’t memorized. I also dictated his first Spelling List!
Reading Lessons Through Literature
These phonogram cards are from Spell to Write and Read. I bought them used 4yrs. ago. The person had them professionally laminated, score!!!!
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Thankfully after a few minutes of sulking he was fine.

Here he is ready to go with Grandpa to find some cans.
He wanted to be ready because he was not sure when Grandpa was going to show up. My dad had a doctor appt.
A much happier Lance.
Here is Ethan, I had him and Lance come to the table at the same time.
Since I had both of them at the table and both in a fowl mood I knew I needed to do school. The question was how when they were not happy.
With Lance I let him finish feeling sorry for himself while I got my binder and the phonogram cards ready. By the time I was set Lance was not so mad anymore.

With Ethan, I didn’t want him leaving the table so I had him write the Old Testament Bible names. He does this daily anyway so it wasn’t a punishment which Ethan knew.

He just sat there. I did let him know that he was not allowed to leave his seat until he completed his copywork and it had to be neat.
Thank the Lord by the time he was done copying the Bible names he was almost back to his happy self. I say almost because when I told him it was time to do his phonograms he replied, “I don’t want to”, I just said find but we need to do school.

I calmly took out the phonogram cards and started. Not much longer he was fine.

Here he is happy, I just finished washing his hair in the bathroom sink (washed Brent’s too).
He’s trying not to smile.
Heart of Dakota
I don’t know how my girl can do her school work while I’m teaching but she does.
I made a snack. A pumpkin muffin in a mug. I’m still tweaking this recipe.


  1. I love these posts! So, is the challenge to stick with your curriculum?

  2. Yes, a friend and I have struggling readers so we decided to stick with fewer subjects, reading and math. Get them going with reading then start adding writing, grammar, science, etc.


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