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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge!

Stick with It 6 Week Challenge Day 3

Reading Lessons Through Literature
As usual I started with Reading Lessons Through Literature, with Caleb, Brent, and Ethan.

Today I did things a little bit different. We first went over all the phonograms that they were missing. I then chose one for them to write and include the rule. Once done with that I dictated the phonograms to them and lastly they each chose 5 phonograms to write 5x each as they say the sound(s).

Reading Lessons Through Literature
Caleb and Brent writing their phonograms.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Can you tell Brent just woke up? He’s my sleepy head.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Ethan gets a little upset and discouraged. I try my best not to let it affect me. I have to remind myself that it’s my choice. I can get upset and raise my voice at him or just let him go through it and stay calm.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I chose to stay calm and talk him through it. I encourage him and let him know that by the end of the year the phonograms will come more easily.

The boys also have been copying the books of the Bible, the Old Testament. Can you tell that I do have a hard time letting go of the other subjects? I figure they are older and can do this on their own.

Brent also wrote a paragraph of how the guards from Acts 16 felt, this was for AWANA and considered it his writing, hehe.
I have a friend who uses AWANA as her writing curriculum. In fact I’ve read on a few homeschooling forums (which I don’t frequent much anymore because of time) that others use it for writing as well.

Brent and Ethan completed a few pages from their Making Math Meaningful math and worksheet from a workbook that I had.
Multiplication Book
These are to help them memorize their multiplication and keep them busy.
Once done with the older boys I worked with Lance.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
The 1st days challenge was to try and make some cursive letters. We started with 4 per Reading Lessons Through Literature, in cursive. He had trouble with the letter ‘g’. I let him write the letters big and pretty much anywhere on the page.

The 2nd day we reviewed the 1st four and added 4 more but he had to write the letters in cursive in a neat row.

Today he reviewed the 8 phonograms and added 4 more and he had to write his letters on the lines.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I have Lance write everything in his notebook (it’s an old Calvert one)
Then we practiced his AWANA verse.
For math which he hasn’t done just yet, I will give him a math sheet to practice his add. & sub. or he will do it via a computer game.

And that is another day here at Homeschooling6!


  1. Slow and steady definitely wins the race. We have experienced tremendous growth in our homeschool in the times that we have cut back and focused more intensively on just a few subjects! Good luck with the challenge!

  2. What a great reminder for me to get out our phonogram cards and combine them with cursive handwriting. Thanks for sharing that, definitely going to have a go at that myself.

    oh, and I loved the idea of that multiplication book for fun practice I'll have to keep an eye out for a copy here.

  3. You are doing sooo good! It's so nice to see your blogging groove back again. Love all the learning moments and fun pictures!

  4. Thank you ladies, this week has been a great one.

    Deborah, it's been a time saver for me to take the time and teach cursive right along with reading.

    Whispered Abundance, thank you. I am happy to about blogging again. I really missed it. I guess with school 'falling' apart for a while I felt like there wasn't much school to blog.

    Nadra, thank you!!!


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