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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge

Stick with it 6 Week Challenge, day 4. Wahoo, we did four days of Reading Lessons Through Literature and math. I’m so excited!!!

What’s really exciting is I was not overwhelmed. Usually I’m always rushing because I know I only have so much time before lunch, then before the baby comes, etc. and I’m trying to fit all the subjects in. Not so this week. I was more relaxed and it felt wonderful and freeing.

This week Caleb, Brent, and Ethan, did math daily, spelling, reading, copywork, and Bible. Spelling and reading were combined using Reading Lessons Through Literature. Bible was AWANA, and copywork, I had them copy the Old Testament names in cursive twice this week and they also copied a history paragraph in cursive.

Another great benefit of this challenge, I worked with Lance all week. He completed cursive practice, spelling, reading, and math. No copywork for him yet. I am concentrating on him writing his letters only for now.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Today with Caleb, Brent, and Ethan, we reviewed the phonograms and completed our first spelling list. I started them with list 1-N. I know the list looks easy but words like they, white, and two are little words they’d miss when writing. Of course they were able to read all the words.

As they move through the program the words will become more difficult. Right now I’d rather them learn all the phonograms. Ethan still needs to memorize quite a few like, cei, ie, ti, si, augh, etc.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I’m keeping track of the words and phonograms that they miss each day.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Caleb’s work. He likes to skip lines and make neat rows. Brent and Ethan, prefer to just go down the page.

Brent’s copywork.
Bible Names
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Ethan hadn’t finished when I was taking pics. I’ll have to include one next week. No more school this week. Tomorrow is family day. Lupe is taking the day off.
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Annette working hard using Heart of Dakota. I read from Who Am I? This is part of Annette’s school but I usually read it to the younger kids as well.
Heart of Dakota
Annette’s space. This year she her preferred place to do school is at the table. The year before it was on my bed, the year before that it was in the living room.
Heart of Dakota
Josh and I did literature together.

Brent and Ethan both completed Making Math Meaningful and a practice page.
Lance practiced his cursive. His L’s are a bit sloppy but we’re working on it. My goal for him by the end of the year is to write in the lines and smaller.
Reading Lessons Through Literature


  1. We did it! Way to go mama. It feels so good to have a short list and get it all done than to have a long list and always feel bad because I never finish it. I feel like RLTL is moving along much faster than anything we've previously used, too. Thank goodness!

  2. Yay, it feels so wonderful. This week has been one of the best in along time school-wise. RLTL is great. I don't have to spend a lot of time getting it ready, in fact I just look at the list and go! Thanks so much for recommending RLTL.


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