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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge~Week 2

Stick with it 6 Week Challenge ~Week 2
I’m so excited to write that I’ve been faithful with having the children complete math and Reading Lessons Through Literature (which includes handwriting, spelling, and reading).

This week I am teaching Reading Lessons Through Literature 3 times a day instead of my usual 2:
  1. Caleb and Brent with the advanced schedule, currently on week 12.
  2. Ethan, kind of in between the regular and advanced schedule, currently on week 4.
  3. Lance, working his way at regular pace, currently on week 2.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Annette took a picture of me teaching Caleb and Brent.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
My happy students, they really were laughing through our Reading Lessons Through Literature. I do act silly sometimes Who me?.
With Caleb and Brent, I gave them a phonogram quiz. When they miss a phonogram I have them write it on an index card so I can keep track.

I also had them review spelling words that they missed from last week.
I think they pretty much have ‘white, too, two’ down. I know these are pretty simple to most kiddos and it’s very humbling for me to post this but I do hope it will encourage others who have older kids still having trouble with smaller words. Know that you are not alone and I do understand the worries, frustrations, and even wondering if we are doing the right thing.

It can be hard for a homeschooling mom when children can’t read or spell well because the world will blame it on the parents and because they chose to homeschool. But I graduated being a horrible speller and guess what? Not one person has said it was because my parents chose to have me go to public school.
I’m so thankful that my children are home and I can get to the root of what we need to do which in our case is to put writing and a regular spelling program aside to focus on reading.

I’m thankful that my children don’t have to go to ‘special’ classes instead I can sit with them and teach them their phonograms and make them laugh too. I can even give them a hug and say, “Well done ______!”

Now back at the farm, haha, talk about going on a rabbit trail!
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Brent’s work above and Caleb’s below.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Big kids like stickers too. I love to see them smile when I put a sticker on their paper.

Caleb likes to skip lines and separate his phonograms from his spelling list. The above picture shows his spelling list from today on the right. On the left, his phonogram quiz.

Below are phonograms that I had him and Brent say and write for extra practice.
Caleb completed a Math-U-See Zeta lesson and Brent completed Making Math Meaningful as well as a multiplication practice page.
Making Math Meaningful
Brent is completing book 5. He knows how to do multiplication and division which this book focuses on and will eventually introduce fractions and decimals. I chose to start with book 5 because I wanted him to see more of the ‘why’ of math.

He’ll also use The 1st-7th Grade Math Tutor and Mastering 5th Grade Math which concentrates on fractions. In the past Brent has done fractions and decimals but I want to really make sure he understands them.
Making Math Meaningful
I’m going off on another rabbit trail with explaining Brent’s math. He’s actually quite good in math. I’m just back tracking a little to doubly make sure he’s know the basics.

Lance was not happy when it was his time to do school. For the most part I know longer get upset. Before I’d get upset and have him go to his room and I’d school him later which sometimes didn’t happen. Now, I give him his work and that’s that. Usually after a few minutes he’s his happy self again.

Lance is doing so well with writing his phonograms.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
It’s a bit blurry but look at his ‘j’! Nice work if you ask me.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota

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  1. That reading program looks great Linda! Glad the boys are doing so well with it. I am like you, sometimes I just give the work and walk away. Seems like once the pressure it is off the attitude goes away and the work is magically done in my absense!.


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