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Let’s Click 365 Days: Alert Cadet

I love seeing my children study the Word of God.
Alert Cadet
This is Brent’s Alert Cadet Journal. He has made a commitment to journal for 365 days in a row. Wow, that’s a whole year! Every night I see him sitting at the dinner table finishing his writing.
Alert Cadet
I love that he is learning to study God’s Word.
Alert Cadet
Today he completed his Scripture Meditation, Project 1.
Lupe signs off each project he completes.

School Days @ Homeschooling6

Thank the Lord I’m feeling much better today. I started school after 9:00 A.M. but was still able to accomplish almost all that I wanted.
Here are three piles of school levels that I wanted to get done with the four younger children: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance.

On the left is the pile for Lance. Some of his school is printed from pdf files so you don’t see them. They are in my binder.
The middle pile is for Ethan and the last pile on the right is Caleb’s and Brent’s.
I started with Caleb and Brent. The first subject I tackled with them was Reading Lessons Through Literature-Level Two! I went over Spelling List 39, 40, and 41.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Although they do Alert Cadet with their dad I get them started in the morning. Today they are to complete a service project. Caleb is cleaning a kitchen cart that really needs some organizing and Brent is cleaning out the hall closet. They are also working on Project 1 of Scripture Meditation.
Alert Cadet
Brent writing in his Alert Cadet Journal.
He always has his favorite blanket (or what’s left of it) near by.
Alert Cadet
Lastly we completed the first lesson from Language Lessons Through Literature-Level 3. I read a chapter of Doctor Dolittle and went over the assignment.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Caleb likes to use pens.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Here is their completed copywork.
Caleb rewrote his on regular paper. He noticed that he forgot a line.
Once done with Caleb and Brent I taught Ethan.
He completed:
~Reading Lessons Through Literature. We reviewed the phonograms and completed two Spelling List.
~Language Lessons Through Literature-Level 2~completed lesson 4
~Math-U-See Gamma-watched and completed lesson 7
~AWANA-practiced his verses
I don’t know what it is about their hands but I love taking pictures of them.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Ethan’s completed copywork
About 1:00 P.M. was about the time I started schooling Lance.
He completed:
~Math-U-See-watched lesson 9 and completed two worksheets.
~Language Lessons Through Literature-I read The Tales of Peter Rabbit and completed lesson one with him.
~Spelling You See-completed day 4. He colored the consonant chunks with blue and skipped his ‘free’ time today.
Lance is memorizing his 9’s. Today he was able to say the answer to all of them so tomorrow he will watch lesson 10. I’m moving him through the book at a quicker pace. He understand adding and subtracting but need to get them memorized. I also don’t want him to miss anything by having him start with Beta.
Fitness Cards
Caleb and Annette looking at a review item that arrived in the mail today, Fitness Cards! They have been anxiously waiting for them.

All the children completed math today. I also listened to Annette's and Joshua’s narrations, literature with Josh, and Bible with Annette. Whew, I’m tired but it’s a good tired Winking smile. Now I’m off to take the baby outside for a stroller ride.

Let’s Click 365 Days

I’m sick again. Woke with a weird headache that I think might be sinus related?!?!?! Not sure, I’ve never had sinuses before.
I tried to rest and drink lots of liquids.
I happened to find a photo of Lupe and I when we were much younger.
I think this was taken in 1995. The camera that we used to take this picture was stolen and I know that was before we had children.

School Days @ Homeschooling6

I did some schooling from bed today. Last night I wasn't feeling well. I had a weird popping feeling toward the back of my nasal passage. It would ‘pop’ and when it did that I’d feel some pain go through the back of my head.

This morning I woke with an unusual headache. One I have never experienced before. The left side of my head and a sort of throbbing and when I’d move it another pain would run across and around my head. I think it might be some sort of sinus infection. I can’t be sure because I've never had a sinus infection before.

I’ve been fighting off another cold virus. This past week I have felt a bit achy, my ears have been a little itchy, and my throat has been feeling like it wants to become sore.
My desk.
I was able to:
~Teach lesson 3 of Language Lessons Through Literature with Ethan, this included reading the 3rd chapter of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He is also listening to the audio book.
~Reading Lessons Through Literature with Ethan, phonograms only.
~Reading Lessons Through Literature with Caleb and Brent, I dictated the phonograms and reviewed missed spelling words
~I also assigned Math-U-See pages to Brent, Ethan, and Lance.
~Spelling You See with Lance.

Lance completing his Spelling You See assignment while eating organic Cheerios. He likes his Cheerios dry with no milk.
Spelling You See
If you look closely at his workbook page you will see he drew a smiley face. He’s never done that before.

Dry cereal, just the way he likes it.
I’d prefer us to be wheat free but it’s not happening right now, so I figure I’d buy organic cereals.
Yesterday’s School
Annette completing her Bible Study assignment.
Josh and Annette discussing math.
Annette’s school area.
Trak God's World News
Reading Trak from God’s World News. They love this magazine.
Alert Cadet
The boys completed their Alert Cadet assignments.
Spelling You See
Spelling You See
Spelling You See
Alert Cadet
Joshua snipping stray threads from his uniform.

Let’s Click 365 Days-53-56

I need some catching up to do (again). It seems February has been a busy, sick, crazy. month. I feel as if I’m still fighting some virus that wants to win. The baby I watch has not been feeling well either so he’s more fussy then usual. Ethan, hubby, and Brent all have poison ivy. That’s just some of the craziness that’s going on here but praise the Lord we have a roof over our heads and all-in-all we are doing well.
Day 53
Here is the poison ivy vine that Ethan was swinging on a few Sunday’s ago.
Day 54
Hubby bought me a phone earlier this month. His plan was ending and instead of getting himself a phone he let me have one. How sweet!!!
Here we are texting each other.
Every time I see this picture of Lupe and I it makes me laugh. We look so big. Lupe is not that wide!!! I’m laughing at us as I type, haha!
Annette found us texting love notes to each other and thought we looked pretty cute or maybe it was ridiculous!
What’s really interesting is hubby and I actually communicate more now. I love it. I can send him pics of the kids, send a love you note, or just let him know I’m thinking of him, and when he gets a chance he reads them. Lupe was the one who observed that we ‘talk’ more.
Sometimes one of the kids will say or do something funny and I want to share it with Lupe. By the time he gets home I almost always don't remember what the funny saying was if it wasn't written down. Now I text him and he doesn’t miss out on the funnies and happening here at home.
Of course when he’s home we do really talk face to face. I’m having fun with my new phone and learning all that it can do.
Day 55
We went garage sale shopping this Saturday. I had to click the route that my hubby ‘mapped’ out.
We were on the hunt for a highchair. This would really help with the baby.
I thought I’d find one for $15.00 but that’s not the going used rate anymore. We found one for $25.00 and thought, wow! Later we found another one that was in good condition, meaning it did look worn for $45.00. Double wow!!! We should have purchased the $25.00 one. It was in better shape then the 2nd one.
We didn’t find a highchair but now we know what the price range is for a used one. Next time.
Day 56
Ethan is feeling better. He’s still itchy but not as miserable as last Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you Jesus.

School Days @ Homeschooling6

The Stick With It 6 Week Challenge is over and I stuck with it. Yay! Today I continued with Reading Lessons Through Literature. I didn’t get everyone in but I’m sticking with it.

I am not sure if I’ll continue RLTL with Lance. I’m still deciding. I am with Caleb, Brent, and Ethan.

I didn’t take any pictures of Caleb and Brent completing Reading Lessons Through Literature (RLTL) but they did complete Spelling List 23 and 24.

Lance is on his 3rd week with Spelling You See.
Spelling You See
Today he concentrated on finding consonant chunks.
Spelling You See
This week he’ll use a blue marker to mark the consonant chunks. The blue was a little dark so I’m going to find a highlighter for him to use the rest of the week.
Spelling You See
Earlier this morning the kids and I were listening to Adventures in Odyssey-Pilgrims Progress Revisited.
Adventures in Odyssey
Lance found the picture book of Pilgrims Progress after he was done listening to it. I didn’t realize he had found it until I turned from making my breakfast and saw him speaking for the characters.
Pilgrims Progress
It was funny. I grabbed my camera, snapped a picture, and recorded some of it as well.

Today I had Caleb and Brent start their Alert Cadet Journals and their first workbook. They received their uniforms last week.
Alert Cadet
This weeks verse to memorize is Psalm 139:1-2.

Character quality they will be memorizing this week as well.
Alert Cadet
And their Physical Training assignment for today.
In Alert Cadet the boys are challenged to journal 365 days a year.
Alert Cadet
Each day the boys have three sections to write about in their Alert Cadet Journal.

~Daily Journal-this is where they write about what the did that day. I think it’s to help them see how they are spending their time. Are they being productive and using their time wisely.

~Wisdom Search-the boys are to record scripture they read. Maybe write a verse that God wants them to pay particular attention to, and how they will apply it to their life, along with any insights God gives them. Alert Cadet suggest that the boys read 1 chapter of the Bible a day.

~Personal Observation-this section is to record interesting things that happened, how they felt about it, how they responded, or observe their character development and write ways how God is working.

As you can see it’s a pretty intense program and I’m praying and trying to figure out how to incorporate Alert Cadet into school assignments.

We expect the boys will need at least 2 hours to complete their Alert Cadet as well as AWANA daily. Not all in one sitting but throughout the day.

One of the things we talked about with the boys who are going through Alert Cadet is how they use their time. Studying and memorizing God’s Word is most important. We have challenged them to put God’s Word, Alert Cadet, and AWANA above their computer time, play outside time, and anything else that doesn’t really further God’s kingdom or their future as men of God, being fathers, and husbands.

When they win on their computer games or Wii and get to the next level, what really have they accomplished? Nothing. We want our boys to grow up and be men who honor God, love their wives, and rear their children.
I’m excited to see what God has planned for them as they complete their Alert Cadet assignments.