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Click 365 Days-51 (Ethan)

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I was so exhausted from staying up the night before. I wasn’t able to take a nap during the day, then it being a Wednesday (AWANA day) which is one of the more busy days for us.
Ethan, was still itchy from the poison ivy rash on his face.
In this picture he has a Mocha Java Chip Frappe from Starbucks. His older brother Joshua felt like having a Mocha Frap. He had some money left on his gift card.
When he came home he gave the coffee to Ethan. I thought how nice of him to think about his brother and use the last of his coffee money on Ethan.
He even purchased one for me and said, “For you mom, I know you were up all night with Ethan and need your coffee”, he gave it to me with a twinkle in his eye and a big smile.
How thoughtful he was to give up his much wanted treat for his little brother and mama.


  1. :( Poor Ethan! How long does the rash last for poison ivy? Hopefully, he'll feel better soon! Tell Josh that I'm a proud Auntie. He did a wonderful thing by putting his brother and your needs before his. :)

  2. Hi, Auntie Reff, it can last up to 3 weeks!!! A friend at church recommended something called Tecnu and that seems to be helping.

  3. Oh my! How yucky for Ethan. :( How very uncomfortable. I hope it is easing up today.

    That was sweet of Josh. :) That frappe looks delicious.

    MaryEllen sympathizes, she had a bout with poison ivy a few years back.

  4. Awww...another example of reaping what you have sewn -- beautiful children with beautiful hearts!


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