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Favorite Anything (Milk)

Circling Through This Life
My favorite anything this week is our dairy products that we my from Organic Valley.
Since one can’t wash milk clean of chemicals I try to buy organic milk. It’s expensive for us at $5.29 a gallon. I usually pick-up 4 gallons at Sprouts for the kids and it has to last a week. If it doesn’t than dad will pick up a not organic gallon of milk at the grocery store for around $3.50.
What I love about this brand is they never use GMO feed. They don’t feed the cows GMO. I believe some organic milk producers may feed their cows organic GMO foods, so I try my best to buy products that put on their product that they don’t do this. So far Organic Valley is the only one that I can find who states that they never use GMO feed.
Sometimes when I get to Sprouts my favorite Organic Valley milk is already gone so I buy the Sprouts organic brand. I only make it out to Sprouts on Friday morning so if I miss the boat I don’t get any Organic Valley milk.
My ultimate favorite milk is Braum’s but we don’t have one close by. Thankfully by the end of this year we will have one. One is being built close enough where hubby can pick some up on the way home. Yay, it’s cheaper than Organic Valley.

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