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Favorite Anything (Quote)

Circling Through This Life
This weeks favorite anything is a quote from the book Raising Kids for True Greatness.

“True greatness is a passionate love for God that demonstrates itself in an unquenchable love and concern for others”

And from page XII:
~Success looks inward; true greatness looks upward, then outward.
~Success is about my agenda; true greatness is about God’s agenda
~Success accommodates selfishness: true greatness celebrates altruism.
~Success is about receiving; true greatness is about giving.
~Success worships what it sees in the mirror; true greatness grieves over what it sees through its window.
~Success pays off for now; true greatness pays off forever.
Dr. Tim Kimmel

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  1. Oh I especially like the part that says "true greatness is about God's agenda." Thanks for linking up!


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