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Homeschooling6 Day

My homeschool day started with Caleb and Brent again. Today we quickly went through all the phonograms and completed 40 words from the Spelling List. The first two list were pretty easy so I decided to do two more.
After our lesson which took about 30 minutes I pulled each student aside to have them orally spell words that they missed.
The highlighted words above are the words that both Caleb and Brent missed. I have one card per child. If a word has 3 check marks it shows that they spelled the word correctly 3x in a row.

As they spell each word orally to me I write any missed word on another index card. Brent will then write each misspelled word 5x each. Caleb and Ethan do this as well.

Tomorrow after our lesson I’ll again have them spell all the words orally, check any that are spelled correctly, and have them write any misspelled words 5x.

Through out the day I will call out a word for them to spell. By having them write the words, study the words, and me calling out words, it has really helped them with spelling the words correctly.

I don’t want to rush Caleb and Brent through level 1 but it will be nice to move them on to level 2 because they both can read all the words from this level. I don’t want to skip it though.
You can’t tell but Ethan came to ‘school’ happy today. It makes my teaching so much easier. Thank you Ethan!
Lance made his own Bible verse cards to practice his AWANA verse.
He will say the verse, close his eyes, and I take one word away.

Today I wore my hair in a bun. This is a quick pin-up. I twist my hair and with the little bit of hair I have left I flexi-clip it.
Lilla Rose
I am wearing a Lilla Rose Flexi Mini<---consultant link!

Unfortunately the Simple Dangle is out of stock today, not good!

For us Texans it’s bitter cold outside.
(Weather clip source:http://www.weather.com/)
Earlier today my dad took Lance out on a can hunt. They both came back with really cold hands.

As I type, Annette, Caleb, Brent, and Ethan are watching Sea Biscuit. A movie about a horse. Lance is practicing his verse, and Josh went with his Auntie V. and is helping her fix a flat tire.


  1. I like the colorful math sheet. Yes, we Texans are cold!! I can't believe another below freezing evening tonight. My fireplace is calling for a fire!

  2. I miss our fireplace. We huddle around our heaters. Stay warm my friend =)


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