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Homeschooling6 Day~Spelling You See!

Today is pretty cold for us here in Texas!
Weather clip from: http://www.weather.com/

The children were happy to wake and see snow falling. It’s so beautiful. It’s been snowing most of the morning.

Guess what we started today?!?!?! Spelling You See! We are using Wild Tales.
I read the teacher guide last night and was able to get started today.
Spelling You See
The physical workbook hasn't arrived yet but we I wanted to get started right away. My printer is missing a color so I wasn't able to print the Spelling You See work page in all its colorful glory. Lance would have liked that.

We started off by reading the rhyme, first I read it then Lance did. Once done he took a yellow marker and started ‘chunking’ finding the vowel combinations.
Spelling You See
Spelling You See!
Once he was done chunking he did some copywork.
Spelling You See!
I might have Ethan start this as well but use a notebook for copywork and dictation. I like how the child is highlighting the vowel combinations. This might help Ethan with his spelling.

With the Stick With It 6 Week Challenge we are more than half way done!!! Time does go by fast. We completed week 4.

Caleb and Brent completed Spelling Lists 9-13 today. The words were fairly easy but it’s good practice.

I asked the boys today if Reading Lessons Through Literature has helped them read better and so far so good. They both said, “Yes”, and even commented on how fun it is. They are seeing the vowel and consonant patterns in words when they read. Yay!
Spelling You See!
I didn’t get any pics of Caleb and Brent completing RLTL but did get a pick of how cold it is in our house. I made them some hot cocoa before starting school to thaw them out.

Ethan is learning those phonogram! The pile on the right is his “I know” pile and it’s higher, wahoo for Ethan. He was really happy to see that.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Spelling You See!
We are all wearing our jackets, coats, or blankets, hats too!
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Ethan copying math facts all on his own without me telling him.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Our snow day. We don’t get as much as some states, just enough to play outside and enjoy it.
Snow Day!
Lance and Ethan having fun.
Snow Day
Ethan swept and shoveled snow which he later served with honey to his sister. She wasn’t happy when she found out that her dessert was what he found on the back steps (she bit into a little rock) but thankfully she was laughing about how she ate shoveled snow.
My poor guying had to use socks because our snow gloves are in storage.
Here is my hairdo for today.
I’m wearing a medium Roman Stone Light Sapphire<---Consultant Link
Lilla Rose Flexi
That’s another day here at Homeschooling6!


  1. Yakie, eating snow from the porch! :) Don't you have a heater in your house to stay warm? Your hair is very pretty. I use to have some hair thingy's like that. One was leather I got in Tecate, Mx. I use to like them. Glad to see your Kiddos are doing well. They are so grown. Geesh, time flies! Grandma Tanny and I were just saying how you girls are getting so old, well much older. Hee hee! And us old Gals, well, that's another story. BUT! Grandma well be 90 this May. :D

  2. Hi, Auntie, we have small heaters. No central heating or cooling system.

    I know, I can't believe I'm going to be 43 this year. Dad and I were just talking about Grandma. Can't wait to see her this year.

  3. Yay, y'all got some snow! We'll have to try it with honey next time.

    Donnie likes to keep some in our freezer, silly. So for a little while there will be a snow ball in the freezer. :)

  4. Haha, my kids like to put snowballs and icicles in the freezer too. This time I told them they couldn't. =)


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