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Let’s Click 365 Days-52 (Craft Night)

Yesterday evening my SIL, Annette, and my two nieces had fun at a girls craft night. It’s held at my SIL’s church once a month.
This month it was making fruits and veggies look pretty.
Some of the things we tried were making a rose out of tomato skins, a flower out of radishes and cucumbers, how to cut an orange pretty, and a flower holder made from a cucumber.
This is suppose to be a flower. Annette cut the base using a cucumber. She let her 7yr, old cousin make the flower. As you can see, she kind of over stuffed it but I thought it was nice of Annette to let her do it her way.
The radishes need to be cut thinner, like the outer petals shown. The middle ones are really too thick.
Then you soak them in hot water so they will be more flimsy. Once they soaked for a while you can place them in the cucumber ‘vase’ in a circular way and the radishes start looking like a flower. It really is pretty amazing how veggies can look so beautiful.


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