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Let’s Click 365 Days-53-56

I need some catching up to do (again). It seems February has been a busy, sick, crazy. month. I feel as if I’m still fighting some virus that wants to win. The baby I watch has not been feeling well either so he’s more fussy then usual. Ethan, hubby, and Brent all have poison ivy. That’s just some of the craziness that’s going on here but praise the Lord we have a roof over our heads and all-in-all we are doing well.
Day 53
Here is the poison ivy vine that Ethan was swinging on a few Sunday’s ago.
Day 54
Hubby bought me a phone earlier this month. His plan was ending and instead of getting himself a phone he let me have one. How sweet!!!
Here we are texting each other.
Every time I see this picture of Lupe and I it makes me laugh. We look so big. Lupe is not that wide!!! I’m laughing at us as I type, haha!
Annette found us texting love notes to each other and thought we looked pretty cute or maybe it was ridiculous!
What’s really interesting is hubby and I actually communicate more now. I love it. I can send him pics of the kids, send a love you note, or just let him know I’m thinking of him, and when he gets a chance he reads them. Lupe was the one who observed that we ‘talk’ more.
Sometimes one of the kids will say or do something funny and I want to share it with Lupe. By the time he gets home I almost always don't remember what the funny saying was if it wasn't written down. Now I text him and he doesn’t miss out on the funnies and happening here at home.
Of course when he’s home we do really talk face to face. I’m having fun with my new phone and learning all that it can do.
Day 55
We went garage sale shopping this Saturday. I had to click the route that my hubby ‘mapped’ out.
We were on the hunt for a highchair. This would really help with the baby.
I thought I’d find one for $15.00 but that’s not the going used rate anymore. We found one for $25.00 and thought, wow! Later we found another one that was in good condition, meaning it did look worn for $45.00. Double wow!!! We should have purchased the $25.00 one. It was in better shape then the 2nd one.
We didn’t find a highchair but now we know what the price range is for a used one. Next time.
Day 56
Ethan is feeling better. He’s still itchy but not as miserable as last Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you Jesus.


  1. I think 'crazy' is a good word to sum up your month. :) Wow, all three got poison ivy!! That is just the vine with no leaves...interesting.

    Wow Lou, a phone! I can't see me needing one unless we get another car which will hopefully be soon. I can see where the texting would be fun.

    Garage sale shopping sounds fun. So I guess the babysitting is not temporary after all. Did y'all look on Craig's List?

    So glad Ethan is feeling better!!

  2. Well, I don't actually need a phone but it's fun. I love it though (never thought I'd say that) I get to communicate with my SIL and Reff via text more. I was hoping you would get one too,haha. As long as I don't get addicted.I don't feel like i have to HAVE it with me every second of the day.

    Yes, we had fun with garage sale shopping. I found some coloring books for one of the little girls I watch on weekends.

  3. Love the picture of you two testing each other. And how nice for the phone, that is great. Looks like a nice one.

  4. So cute to see you two texting each other :)

    ouch on the price of used high chairs. I do hope that you will find one that will work for you.


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