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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 34

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. We are not huge football fans but my hubby enjoys a relaxed Sunday. He is hardly ever in front of the T.V. It’s usually when he’s not feeling well (like right now with his allergies). My hubby is always busy. If it’s not working, it’s mending something, or even just folding laundry or cleaning up our room.
I’m always going off on rabbit trails but I couldn’t let you all think my Sweets is a couch potato Winking smile
All that to write about my picture I’m sharing. This one is of Lance. He is so creative.
Let's Click
He made one of those hand thing-ys that you see at football games.
Maybe someone should have told him that the Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it, haha! Notice it’s blue.
Actually for him it was the #1 that was important. Meaning which ever team was #1 and I believe the winning team was the Seattle Seahawks. The score was 43-8. Poor Broncos.

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