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Let’s Click 365 Days-Day 37

We call this little guy the $100.00 fish.
Why you may wonder? It’s what it has cost to keep this little guy healthy. Well almost healthy, I don’t know what happened to his tail. Some of it is missing.
He started off in a little 1/2 gallon tank. I couldn’t stand him being so ‘cooped’ up so I purchased a $15.00 one gallon tank. Along with the bigger tank I purchased a Whisper Pump $15.00 and winter would be coming soon. Our house can get so cold so of course I needed a little Betta  heater, $15.00. The kids paid for the food.
Betta Fish
Then Caleb said I could put Fishy in his 10 gallon tank. Thankfully the tank was only a quarter at the .25 store but . . . with a bigger tank we needed a bigger pump $20.00 and heater $20.00 and thermometer $10.00.
Then of course I wanted him to have a good diet and bought some freeze dried stuff $5.00.
Betta Fish
So the kids and I laugh how our $3.00 supposedly ‘cheap’ pet, Fishy, became our $100.00 pet. Dad’s not laughing though.
Oh and you can’t forget the decorations. Betta fish need things to do too. In fact they like to have a place to hide.
Betta Fish
There is a lesson in all of this as well. I have taught the children that we need to take the best of care possible for any pet we are blessed with. All the way down to the little Betta fish. We are responsible for taking care of God’s little guy.
This fish started off belonging to Lance. He had a Goldfish before and didn’t take care of it. The poor fish died all alone in a big vase. I kept telling him to clean the vase.
After his Goldfish died he wanted a mouse. He had enough money to buy one but I said, ‘'No, because you didn’t take care of your fish”, he wanted another fish to prove he could take care of a pet.
Grandpa bought him the Betta. He took care of it for a while, that is until I told him he needs to buy a pump and eventually a heater. He didn’t buy them even though he had the money. I bought them because it wasn’t the Betta’s fault, so the fish became mine and Lance has no mouse. He still ask for a mouse  and still insist he is taking care of the Betta fish but I haven’t seen any cash to pay for the pump, heater, etc.
A fish needs more than to be fed twice a day.
In conclusion:
I speak for the Bettas everywhere, don’t keep them confined in tiny little bowls. These fish want to move and swim and explore. Give them a bigger space. Look for a .25 10 gallon tank. How do I know this because Caleb said, “Mom, I think the fish is happier now, look at how he swims”, yup our Betta is much happier.


  1. I haven't had fish in a long time, but I do remember when we had a Betta, they were fun. I think you are teaching your son a great lesson. Our children need to learn early about responsibility.

  2. Wow, the tank and fish looks pretty; nice bright colors.

    I think watching fish is very peaceful.

    Yikes, a mouse. I am not sure I could handle a mouse these days. Sundance might enjoy it. :)

  3. LOL! I think most of our animals start very inexpensively and end up costing so much :) I love the lesson you teach your children.

  4. Cynce, I would rather him get a guinea pig.


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