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School Days @ Homeschooling6

Thank the Lord I’m feeling much better today. I started school after 9:00 A.M. but was still able to accomplish almost all that I wanted.
Here are three piles of school levels that I wanted to get done with the four younger children: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance.

On the left is the pile for Lance. Some of his school is printed from pdf files so you don’t see them. They are in my binder.
The middle pile is for Ethan and the last pile on the right is Caleb’s and Brent’s.
I started with Caleb and Brent. The first subject I tackled with them was Reading Lessons Through Literature-Level Two! I went over Spelling List 39, 40, and 41.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Although they do Alert Cadet with their dad I get them started in the morning. Today they are to complete a service project. Caleb is cleaning a kitchen cart that really needs some organizing and Brent is cleaning out the hall closet. They are also working on Project 1 of Scripture Meditation.
Alert Cadet
Brent writing in his Alert Cadet Journal.
He always has his favorite blanket (or what’s left of it) near by.
Alert Cadet
Lastly we completed the first lesson from Language Lessons Through Literature-Level 3. I read a chapter of Doctor Dolittle and went over the assignment.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Caleb likes to use pens.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Here is their completed copywork.
Caleb rewrote his on regular paper. He noticed that he forgot a line.
Once done with Caleb and Brent I taught Ethan.
He completed:
~Reading Lessons Through Literature. We reviewed the phonograms and completed two Spelling List.
~Language Lessons Through Literature-Level 2~completed lesson 4
~Math-U-See Gamma-watched and completed lesson 7
~AWANA-practiced his verses
I don’t know what it is about their hands but I love taking pictures of them.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Ethan’s completed copywork
About 1:00 P.M. was about the time I started schooling Lance.
He completed:
~Math-U-See-watched lesson 9 and completed two worksheets.
~Language Lessons Through Literature-I read The Tales of Peter Rabbit and completed lesson one with him.
~Spelling You See-completed day 4. He colored the consonant chunks with blue and skipped his ‘free’ time today.
Lance is memorizing his 9’s. Today he was able to say the answer to all of them so tomorrow he will watch lesson 10. I’m moving him through the book at a quicker pace. He understand adding and subtracting but need to get them memorized. I also don’t want him to miss anything by having him start with Beta.
Fitness Cards
Caleb and Annette looking at a review item that arrived in the mail today, Fitness Cards! They have been anxiously waiting for them.

All the children completed math today. I also listened to Annette's and Joshua’s narrations, literature with Josh, and Bible with Annette. Whew, I’m tired but it’s a good tired Winking smile. Now I’m off to take the baby outside for a stroller ride.


  1. Hey, Ethan holds his pencil like the kids! Wait 'til I show them. :) Glad you are feeling better.

  2. So glad that you are feeling better! I hope that you enjoyed stroller ride outdoors.


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