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Spelling You See!

Last Thursday Lance completed his first Spelling You See lesson. Today we completed Day 2 from lesson 1.

I first read Little Boy Blue. As I read I pointed to each word.
After I read the rhyme Lance read it and we both searched for the vowel chunks.

Lance completed his copywork and again colored the vowel chunks using a yellow highlighter.

Like I mentioned last week, my printer needs ink, so I’m not able to print in color.

As you can see my copies are not doing justice with seeing the vivid colors of Spelling You See student workbook.
Spelling You See
Here is Lance, a happy Spelling You See student!
Spelling You See


  1. Our printer is on the blitz too. Ugh! Sorry! I love the photos all the same - and your excitement! I was sick yesterday, so we didn't get to day 2 yet, but am hoping to do it this afternoon!

  2. Thank you, hopefully we'll get the ink we need soon. It's so expensive and we need two colors, aack!

    Lance didn't get to day 3 because I was not feeling good today. Didn't get to sleep until 4 in the morning.

    Hope you are feeling better.


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