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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge (Week 4!)

It’s hard to believe I’m half way through with the 6 week challenge.
Most days I start with the two older children, Caleb and Brent. They are the older ones and I want to make sure that they get their reading lesson in.

Yesterday I had them review the phonograms orally and introduced Spelling List 4 and 5.

Today I had them review the phonograms by showing them a card and they had to say and write them in their notebooks.
We had lots of fun with this.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Brent left his Lego creation on the table so I made use of it. For each phonogram that they missed they were shot down. Sounds a bit violent but they loved it.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
See how excited Brent is when he gets a phonogram correct.

Caleb is a bit more reserved.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
After reviewing the phonograms I dictated over 20 spelling words to them from previous lists.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I am trying to keep Caleb and Brent together for my sake. I don’t want to teach Reading Lessons Through Literature 4x a day. 3 is enough. As you can see from the two index cards above my boys have missed quite few words.
What I’m doing is highlighting the words that they both missed so I can find them easily. I dictate those first. I go over each word as I write it on the whiteboard. Sometimes I’ll have them say each letter name as well.

For instance with the words ‘basket’, after I’ve gone over any phonogram rules (which this word doesn’t have) I’ll then have them say, “b-a-s-k-e-t, basket”. I’ll even erase a letter and have them spell it out loud again. I’ll do this until all the letters are gone.

This is not encouraged by any Orton-Gillingham method but my focus right now is the reading. If they were great readers I’d focus on the spelling. Right now I want to get them reading and spelling but reading is first. In time I know the spelling will come if we keep reviewing the missed words.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
If they spell a review word correctly I then put a check mark. Once there are three check marks it will go to the monthly review index card.

Basically our week looks like this:
~Day 1 review phonograms and dictate 20 new words
~Day 2 review phonogram and dictate review words
~Day 3 review phonograms and dictate 20 new words
~Day 4 phonogram quiz and dictate review words

Then the next week we start over. When we are reviewing the phonograms some days do it all orally, other days I dictate them, sometimes we say all the phonogram rules and other days we only say the sounds.

I do the same with Ethan. My main focus is the reading. Having them learn to spell is a huge bonus.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Ethan is writing the phonograms.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Ethan needs to use lotion. My boys have the roughest knees and elbows. Thankfully their hands aren’t as bad.

Ethan also did some math. I had him review his multiplications and work out some problems.
Math Tutor
I’m really considering having Ethan start Math-U-See Gamma. I’m pretty sure I have this in storage.

Caleb has used MUS from Primer-Zeta and has done really great with it. I don’t know why I keep jumping around.

I’m going to need to order Pre-Algebra soon so maybe I’ll get them all on board with MUS.
To keep Annette’s diagramming skill fresh, once a week she uses Analytical Grammar’s Reinforcement Books. After completing Analytical Grammar twice we don’t want all her hard work to be forgotten.

Lance did math but I still need to get his Reading Lesson Through Literature in. I’m excited to announce that he’ll be using Spelling You See-Wild Tales shortly. I was blessed to be one of the reviewers. It won’t be here for several weeks though.

Lance did complete a Verbal Math lesson but I think I’m going to switch him to MUS as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Josh was not feeling well yesterday so he’s playing catch-up. I told him all he has to do is read the books that were assigned yesterday and that is all. I don’t want him to feel stressed and he is still not 100% better. So today he’s only reading yesterday’s books and starting with today’s work.

Here is how my hair looks today. I am wearing the January Flexi of the month.
Lilla Rose
My looks so dark in this picture.
This was yesterday’s hair style. You can’t see my beautiful Lilla Rose Flexi under all that hair.
Lilla Rose
This is how I fix my hair most days.

No matter how hard I try sugar still creeps into my house. Grandpa brought the kids some cookies.
Duck Dynasty
Lance made this on CHRISTmas day but rearranges things on it. Like the guns and stuff.

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