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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge (week 5!!!)

I can’t believe I’m on the 5th week of Stick With It 6 Week Challenge with using Reading Lessons Through Literature. It’s going by so fast.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Today Caleb and Brent had their own challenge against each other. We played a game, I held up a phonogram card, if they knew it they rung the bell. First one to hit the bell and to say the correct phonogram got a point. 

$5.00 was first place and $2.00 for second place.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Both boys were really excited about this contest. It was suppose to happen yesterday but I was sick and didn’t feel like doing anything.
And the winner is . . .
Reading Lesson Through Literature
Caleb and Brent, they tied!!!

It was a pretty close game. First Caleb was in the lead, then Brent, but in the end they bot won. Brent decided that they should split the money.
Lance completed another Spelling You See lesson.
Spelling You See
I’m so glad that he is completing copywork daily. He needs the practice.
Spelling You See
Like the previous days we read the rhyme and Lance found all the vowel combinations (chunking).
Spelling You See
I have noticed that each day Lance if finding more vowel combinations by himself. The first time I was helping him a lot.
Spelling You See
I noticed today during his copywork that he’d find a vowel chunk and would highlight it instead of waiting to finish. I thought that was neat. He’s really paying attention.
Spelling You See
Ethan had his first Math-U-See lesson and he was actually excited. I think it was the shiny new workbook. Thankfully he likes pink!
We watched the lesson together. I paused the DVD so Ethan could work out the problems using the blocks.
At first I thought I’d let him skip some of the lesson because Ethan knows how to multiply but then I though he might miss something. Like today Mr. Demmi taught multiplication by showing them the length and width of the blocks.

Many times people think that only one thing is being taught in each level. For instance with Gamma many think only multiplication is being taught but that’s not true. Ethan will also learn money, fractions, factors, measurements, and of course multiplying single and multiple digits.

I taught in my pajamas today.
I am still not feeling good but getting better. I opened up the widow today but stayed snug in my pj’s and favorite robe. The kids bought the robe for me a few years ago as a CHRISTmas present.

Today the children and I watched Captain Philips. The kids and I had a good discussion about the film afterwards. Lupe and I watched it before we let the kids. It was rated PG-13 for shooting.

As I type:
~I’m making Brain Boosters (peanut butter ones)
~Hubby is flying home from Tennessee. He’s been away on business for a few days
~The children are at AWANA
~The baby is with his mama in VA so I’m all alone at the moment


  1. They do look excited! Money would be a wonderful motivational tool in our house! Love that they shared in the end. Such good boys. :)

  2. Cheering you on!

    I have yet to see the Spelling you See. I can't get any sample to display ?? Is it part of your review team??

  3. Yes, it's a review item, hopefully they'll have samples soon.


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