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Stick With It 6 Week Challenge

Week 5 complete with the Stick With It Challenge using Reading Lessons Through Literature.

Today I started with Ethan. First we went over all the double+ phonograms as well as the multi single ones.

Ethan is improving. He’s really getting the phonograms memorized. Once we were done with reviewing the phonograms I dictated a new list. Lastly I had him copy some previously missed spelling words five times each.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
All the boys, Caleb, Brent, and Ethan have shown improvement in spelling. I know it’s the consistency. Four times a week we go over the phonograms and spelling list. I am having them constantly practice misspelled words.
With Caleb and Brent we reviewed the phonograms and I had them study missed words.

Lance completed another day with using Spelling You See.
Spelling You See
Today was No Rule Day. After reading the rhyme and chunking he got to write his own story and illustrate it.

Lance chose to copy a portion from one of his Curious George book. Since it was No Rule Day I let him.
Spelling You See
I didn’t think Lance would enjoy the No Rule Day and was almost going to skip it but I wanted to see what he would come up with.

Next week I am having a spelling bee competition with Caleb and Brent. They really enjoyed the phonogram one this week.

Here’s how it will work. I have a list of all the words they both have missed from previous spelling list.
This list above has all the spelling words that Caleb and Brent missed so it’s a combined list. I’m including the ones that they have mastered too which means any words that they have spelled correctly 3 times each will be included as well.

I will give them both the list of words to study on their own throughout the week. Next Friday we’ll have ourselves a 2 kid Spelling Bee. I’ll start with one student have him spell the word. If he spells it correctly than a tally mark is earned. If he misspells the word his brother will get a try at it.

I thought this would be a fun way for them to study and review their spelling words. They are both excited. Now I need to find a first and second place prize. I’m so proud of them (including Ethan and Lance), they have all been doing so well with this 6 week challenge.

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