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Week in Review

It’s been a crazy busy week. I haven’t had time to put up any Stick With It 6 Week Challenge post, Spelling You See post, or what the kiddos have been up too. So today I’ll post some pics from this week.

Lance has completed his 2nd week of Spelling You See! We haven’t received the physical books for Wild Tales yet so I’m printing the workbook pages in black and white right now. The actual pages are in color and very pretty.
Spelling You See
Spelling You See
Spelling You See
Annette’s space. She wakes at 6:00 A.M. to start school. She likes to get done around 1:00 P.M.
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Dakota
Instead of Fortune Cookies Annette is making Proverbs Cookies. This is one of the many reasons why I love Heart of Dakota.

We played lots of Skip-Bo this week.
Skip Bo
The kiddos wished one of their Aunties a Happy Birthday.
My SIL is the one that made the sign and thought to do this. She’s creative like that.

A tired baby. I love when they rub their eyes.
He’s also our organically grown baby Winking smile (I took the tape off after the photo, so he didn’t have time to play with it)
Joshua enjoying the nice weather while completing his science assignment and watching the baby too!
Ethan slept well last night. I’m so thankful he did. He mentioned how good he slept last night too. His face still itches from the poison ivy but it’s not hurting and burning anymore. He has poison ivy on the palm of his hands and that’s what bothers him the most right now.
This morning I bought some kiwi and strawberries for the kids.
Than enjoying delicious fruit that our heavenly father has provided. It just amazes me how fruit grows and it’s only because of God that it does. Those seeds would just not do anything if it wasn’t for God. Amazing!!!
My Sweets and I are trying to stay healthy. We bought these at Target for $18.99. My hubby is taking a 14 supply of amoxicillin because between his allergies and colds, he just hasn’t been able to get better. The doctor said because of his allergies his immune system is low and is having a hard time fighting off other viruses like the cold. 
Atkins Meal
I know I should stay away from frozen meals but I do keep a few on hand for those busy days. This week I had an Atkins Frozen Meal. I don’t like cooking the plastic tray so I usually put the frozen food in an oven safe dish and cover it with foil. I also had more veggies.
This is how I wore my hair all week. Don’t you love all that gray!?!?
The “Stick With It 6 Week Challenge” ended today. I’d like to write more about that later.

Today we held a Spelling Bee with Caleb and Brent.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
Reading Lessons Through Literature
The winner . . .
Reading Lessons Through Literature
I have tweaked Reading Lessons Through Literature to fit our homeschooling so many of the spelling list that we review are not from RLTL.

First prize was a Symphony bar that Lupe won at our Church Valentine Party.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
2nd Place prize was donated by Joshua. A Snickers bar that he was given by his Sunday School teacher.
Reading Lessons Through Literature
The boys will have to save their goodies because for the month of February they are not allowed to have any candy. Poor kiddos. I picked the wrong month to go candy free!

And that was our week!

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  1. Although you say it was a crazy week, it looks very productive!

    I just bought a few Atkins frozen meals this week, too! I have to finish my last few lingering pounds.


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