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Schoolhouse Review: Media Talk 101

Captivated Movie Review
We don’t have a lot of techy gadgets around our house but we do have a few computers. My 4 younger kids love to play computer games. For the most part my husband and I keep a tight reign on their computer and television time.

I’m glad I was one of the reviewers for Captivated DVD by Media Talk 101, because it’s good to have reminders with how the media and technology can really take a hold on us. Captivated the Movie was one of those reminders for me. At times I can get lazy with my kids and the amount of time they spend on the computer.

In fact I was getting lazy. With a busy schedule of homeschooling, babysitting, keeping house, disciplining, and the list goes on. I admit I was allowing my children to watch an extra half hour of Netflix (we don’t have cable) or tack on another 10 minutes to their usual 30 minute computer time.

Media Talk 101 is a non profit ministry that has heart to inform and let people know how huge an impact that the media has on our lives. Did you know the average teen consumes 7.5 hours of media a day and that the average ‘mobile’ teen sends and receives 3,339 text messages per month!!! That is hugely taking up a lot of their time. Time away from family and ‘real’ people. 

I see it all the time. People don’t even look up and say hello anymore when I’m out taking a walk. They are glued to their ipod or phone. I have seen a parent and child at coffee and/or yogurt shops where the parent is busy texting and/or the child is texting. What kind of quality time is that?
Founder and president of Media Talk 101 Philip Telfer recognized in his 20 years of ministry that media and entertainment is one of the biggest stumbling block to spiritual growth in our children, our families, and our nation.

He set out to interview pastors, teachers, authors, speakers, parents, and everyday people like you and me on this subject.

Captivated is a 107 minute documentary.

It starts by showing us how the first ‘social’ network actually started over a hundred years ago, in 1844. Samuel Morse sent a historic telegraph from the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. The telegraph allowed people to communicate without being face to face instantly!

You’ll hear many wonderful people and their stories. One women shared how she was addicted to an innocent enough game called Farmsville. She was spending hours and hours planting her crops, taking care of them, and harvesting (sounds innocent enough) but what she later discovered was how much time she was wasting on the computer ‘farming’.

You’ll also meet a family who took a media fast. They went 30 days without television, internet, cell phones, and even music. They discovered the joy of quietness. They were able to connect with each other and God. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years now and you know what, I keep putting it off because it seems so hard. T.V. would be the easy part but my Christian tunes and the computer would be the hard part but imagine the impact it would make on my family.

Along with the friendly people you will also learn how video games give a child (especially boys) a false sense of accomplishment. How the games sort of trick the brain into thinking they have accomplished something great when in fact they only moved to the next level.
Captivated is a wake-up call. I believe that everyone should take the time to watch it because although technology is a wonderful thing we can let it over take us. I know I can waste so much time doing nothing on the computer. It’s embarrassing to admit. Many times I walk away feeling guilty because I could have been spending time in God’s Word or playing a game with the kids.

This is a topic that I myself am very passionate about. I think it’s sad that our youth are so captivated (if you will) with social media Facebook, Ask.FM, YouTube, etc. It’s all about me, me, me. Look at me, read about me, ask about me, me, me. Like I have told my kids in the past when they were little, “Me gets awfully boring”, and you know what “Me” does get boring.

How we used it: I watched this with my 15, 14, 13, and 11 year old children. My 11 year old became bored which was fine. Captivated is intended for adults (but safe for all ages). I wanted my children to watch it so we could discuss it and I wanted them to understand how the internet and social media can really impact their life in a negative way if they let it. Hopefully by watching and continuing to discuss this topic with my children, they will set boundaries and be more careful when the time comes (and maybe not) with using Facebook and other forms of social media.

This past Christmas we purchased an iPod for my eldest son because I want him to learn how to handle having the world at his finger tips under our roof. I believe by having him watch Captivated he will be that much more educated in this area and make better choices in the future.

I have already recommended Captivated to my friends and family. In fact I was telling my sister-in-law about Captivated. I had mentioned how the film said that never before have children been able to tune out their parents and be in constant communication with their friends. She agreed. She said one day she was looking around her home and there were her children, some texting, some emailing, others playing games. It was then that she took all of her kids devices away.

Within days she saw a big difference with how they interacted with each other and how much more creative in their play they had become. Her children were playing outside again.

Captivated DVD-$16.95 (free shipping)
You can connect with Media Talk 101 via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
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All About Reading (Caleb and Brent)

Today I did a practice run with All About Reading level 3 with the two older middle boy, Caleb and Brent.
I’m not going to commit to it just yet. I want to make sure I can fit it in first.

Because I was teaching both boys at the same time I put the baking sheet in front of me on the table and pulled the letters as I needed them. It worked out great!
All About Reading
The boys really enjoyed the lesson. There was lots of laughs.

When I was done teaching the boys put the letter tiles back in alphabetical order. They, the tiles, were ready for another lesson (with Lance).
All About Reading
I didn’t lose any tiles but I did have one fall off the board now and then.

The boys were so good with putting the tiles back. They had lots more laughs. I don’t remember what was so funny but I’m glad they had a good time.

Schoolhouse Review: Spelling You See

Spelling You See Review
Our family absolutely loves Mr. Demme’s Math-U-See program I currently have 4 of my children using it. Naturally I was beyond excited to try Spelling You See!!!! I am using Spelling You See: Wild Tales (Level C) with my 9 year old son Lance.
For this review I received Wild Tales Instructors Handbook ($14.00) and the Student Pack ($30.00) which includes Wild Tales Student Workbooks Part 1 and Part 2 and Erasable Color Pencils.
With Spelling You See there are no spelling list, weekly spelling test, and you're not spending a lot of time prepping for a lesson. Instead you will help your child retain long term visual memory of letter patterns by having your child reading, speaking, writing, and listening through chunking (finding letter patterns), copywork, and dictation.
Spelling You See
Level C~Writing Tales is the 3rd development stage. Preliterate being the 1st stage (Listen & Write), 2nd being the Phonetic stage (Jack and Jill). 
The 3rd stage: Skill Development- is where phonics rules need to be de-emphasized because they are no longer needed. In fact studies have shown that over teaching phonics can create confusion. I thought that was very interesting. You can read more about it under Developmental Stages.
Spelling You See Instructor Handbook
The Spelling You See Instructor’s Handbook gives detailed instructions for the first 7 lessons. Instructions for lessons 8-36 are also included but not as detailed. By this time you will know how to teach the lessons.
Also included are the dictation passages, answer key, weekly activity guide instructions and more. The Instructor’s Handbooks is not overwhelming at all with only 52 pages. You can get started right away with your child.
The workbooks are full color and absolutely gorgeous!
Not to mention that the animals are totally cute!
How a week may look using Spelling You See:
~Monday or 1ARead the rhyme or animal story to your child, say it together and clap in rhythm. Then read the story slowly as you point to each word. Help the child with chunking. For instance the first week the child is looking for vowel combinations. Have the child do Section 2 which is copywork.
~Tuesday or 1B
Repeat of the previous day.
~Wednesday or 1C
Again, a repeat of 1A although the passage to be copied a different section each day.
~Thursday or 1D
After the passage is read and the chunking is complete your child will get to either draw or write his own story (or do both, depending on the child). This is called No Rule Day.
~Friday or 1F
Read the passage and do the chunking. On this day you will dictate the passage to your child.
And that’s a week with using Spelling You See!!!
Each days lesson is a two page spread which is Section 1 and Section 2. The passage to be read is in Section 1. This is also where your child will chunk the letter combinations. Chunking is simply having the child circle, shade, or highlight either the vowel or consonant combinations, Endings (-ed, –es, –ful, etc.), Bossy R’s, or the Tricky Y Guy. At first you’re having the child only concentrate on one ‘chunk’. As the children progress through the program they will eventually be ‘chunking’ all the letter combinations.
Workbook 2
Section 2 is where the child will either do copywork, No Rule Day, and/or dictation depending on which day/lesson you are on.
Section 2
It is encouraged to have your child copy the passage in print because this helps develop visual memory. When a child is reading they see print, so the child should use printing when learning to spell.
More about Spelling You See: Wild Tales Level C:
  • The first 5 lessons give the first word to each line for the dictation passage.
  • Starting with lesson 6 only the first word is given in the dictation passage.
  • The first 7 lessons continue with nursery rhymes which is the theme from the previous Jack and Jill level. From lesson 8 on the passages are about animals.
  • Workbook 2-during the ‘No Rule Day’ words are given to help the child write about that weeks animals
  • Chunking is done using different colors. Consonant Chunks in blue, vowel chunks in yellow, Bossy r Chunks in purple, etc.
How did we use it: I used Spelling You See: Wild Tales Level C with my 9yr. old son Lance. The first thing I did was check the Readiness Guide for placement.
I used Spelling You See: Wild Tales between 4 and 5 times a week. When I needed to shorten a week I would skip the free writing day (No Rule Day).
Spelling You See
The first week I sat with Lance and we did each lesson together. By the second week my 9 year old son knew what to do and was able to do his spelling independently, except for dictation day.
For the most part he enjoyed using Wild Tales. It didn’t take long for him. He would do both Sections 1 and 2 in one sitting.
My final thoughts: I will admit at first I wasn’t too sure about this spelling program. It was so different from what I’m use to when it comes to teaching spelling.
I didn’t understand how this could help Lance learn to spell. As time went on and I realized that Lance was doing copywork at least three days a week along with dictation once a week. I thought, hey, this is something I’ve been wanting him to do for a long time but never implemented it regularly.
The dictation process in Spelling You See is giving Lance a chance to put his phonic skills to work in a meaningful way.
Spelling You See 
I also started thinking how he is studying the passage all week. Seeing the combinations and really thinking about them when it was dictation day. He would ask questions about some of the combinations.
Since he has learned many of the phonetic sounds of the letters he would say, “Oh, that word ends with two letter /k/ right mom?” (meaning ‘ck’)
Lance has not become a super speller just yet but after homeschooling for over 11 years I have learned a thing or two. Do not rush they will learn maybe not as fast as we mamas want them too but patience is a good thing! I know learning how to spell takes time and sometimes improvement won’t show up in 6 weeks.
Spelling You See
I am willing to wait and see! In fact I have placed an order for the next level, Spelling You See: Americana for Caleb my 7th grader and Brent who is in 6th grade. I really feel that it’s time for them to move on and start chunking!
What I am currently using takes time and I don’t always get to teaching it. With Spelling You See I know that my boys will get spelling done daily along with copywork and dictation.
Wild Tales
To learn more about Spelling You See you can visit their Facts and Question page.
The Spelling You See program doesn’t necessarily go by age but by skill level. The Target age is elementary or older students who need remedial work.
You may have noticed the books have no grade level which is a plus for those who will have older students (like me) needing remedial work. Instead each book is labeled with a letter and title.
Connect with Spelling You See:
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Homeschooling Days (Thursday)

Another cold day here in Texas. Our weather is so crazy. It teases us. It can be a warm day with a cool breeze and the next ice cold. Or as they say if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes because it will change. That’s how it is here in Texas and strangely l like it!

Today my first student was Lance. He couldn’t wait to get his school over with. Little stinker but at least he came with a good attitude this morning.
I didn’t take a lot of pictures today. Lance has almost completed All About Reading lesson-2. It’s taken him all week but there is no rushing. Not like I use to be, always feeling like I had to rush through a lesson.
He completed another lesson of Language Lessons Through Literature. I read about a cute little cat and how she caught a mouse but he got away through a whole in her handkerchief. Lance said it was boring because it was too short.

Lance completed another Spelling You See Lesson. Today was creative writing day. He decided to write about Curious George. Actually he copied it.

Once I was done with Lance I let him have a break and then along with Ethan we did some Sunday School review.

In Sunday School the kids are learning about creation. Instead of letting their take home sheets end up in the trash I decided to use them at home to review what they have learned at church.
Sunday School Lesson
After I was all done with Lance and he was free to go, Ethan was next.
I wanted to start with Bible.
Christian Studies
I still haven’t decided what to use with Ethan other than his AWANA so today I pulled out our Christian Studies and thought we might read from The Golden Children’s Bible. I want Ethan to practice reading aloud more and this is a good way for him to get it in (without him realizing it).

I misplaced my teacher manual though and am asking for prayer to find it. I have been looking for weeks and weeks.
After we read from the Bible it was time to dig in to All About Reading. He knew that I’ve been sneaking in two lessons. Not that I was trying to be sneaky but I know he can handle it. Today he asked if he could do only one lesson. Since we had a late start I agreed.

Lesson 12 was completed and I’m hoping tomorrow to do lesson 13. I usually don’t teach a lot on Friday.

Then we did Language Lessons Through Literature. I am enjoying our read aloud time. I didn’t realize that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was so different from the movie.

I started Ethan with Spelling You See today. Of course he was not happy to have something else added to his school day but oh well such is life.
By the time I finished with Ethan it was lunch. I was hungry. I made me a hamburger patty, topped with a slice of Cheddar Cheese, onions, mushrooms, and a cup of white rice with some soy sauce. I’ve been craving some white rice.

Look what Josh made.
What a happy cook he is!
As always we listened to an Adventure in Odyssey. The kids and I love listening to them and at times I need to hold back tears!

After lunch it was back to school for me. I still had to teach Caleb and Brent, Philosophy Adventure. I’m really liking this program. The boys get a little geography and history in as well as writing and thinking skills.

Along with Philosophy Adventure we are studying the book of Philippians using Philippians in 28 weeks. The boys are copying Philippians, we all take turns reading the book, and at the end of the week we discuss what we are reading.

I would love if they memorized the book of Philippians but for now we are only studying it. The kids memorize verses in AWANA and Alert Cadet.
Also as suggested by Philosophy Adventure we are reading The Wise Women. I read the 2nd chapter today. I’m praising the Lord that Ethan my 11yr. old son wants to sit in on the reading. I really know that God will touch his heart.

My sweet Ethan is having trouble with joy lately. He doesn’t seem to have it often. He is quite moody. I am really praying about how to help him. I have been really watching my attitude with how I respond.
While I was reading through the book of Phil. and The Wise Women, Ethan was quietly drawing. Because of his Grandpa Joe he is a Viking fan, so that’s why his picture says, ‘I Like Viking’.

I texted my hubby and sent him the picture and we both agreed how detailed his picture is.
Look at the roots underground and the little worms, what a great job he did. I dated his picture and put it in with the rest of his school stuff so it won’t get lost.

The baby arrived and will be here for the next 8 hours so I better stop writing. Hope you all enjoyed reading another day here at Homeschooling6!

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

I’m so not creative when it comes titles.

Today I started with Caleb and Brent.
Philosophy Adventure
After we completed our Philosophy Adventure lesson I read a chapter from The Wise Women. We are answering the questions orally. Ethan came to join us during the reading.

I love that this gets my children thinking. The paper they are writing is answering question: Where did I come from and why am I here? Why is there evil, suffering, and death? Is there hope for my future?
I was impressed with the boys and their retention of the information.
Next I nabbed Ethan. We started with All About Reading and completed 2 more lessons. He is progressing quite nicely. I can’t wait for him to start level 3!
All About Reading
To save time I found the cleanest cookie sheet I own and have put the magnetic letters on it. Today Ethan addressed an ‘envelope’ to his grandparents.
 All About Reading
I know I shouldn’t be praising myself but I am so proud of me with sticking to our lessons. I know we started off with Reading Lessons Through Literature then switched after the 6 weeks to All About Reading BUT the point is we are continuing with lessons! I’m so excited. I can tell that Ethan is improving with his reading. When we go through the student cards he doesn’t hesitate very much. With reading the stories he doesn’t need much help.

I am loving Language Lessons Through Literature. Ethan is currently completed lesson 12 and using level 2.
Language Lessons Through Literature
We are probably completing three lessons a week. I know Ethan could have started with level 3 but I love the literature in level to (and 3). I am enjoying our time with our read aloud The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Then I get to read:

The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lange (I’m excited about this one)
Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
The Wind and the Willow by Kenneth Grahame
Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Crazy as it may seem I own most of the books but I haven’t read any of them to my children. 

Before each lesson I read a chapter and am really enjoying it.
Lance is using Language Lessons Through Literature level 1 and again, he too can probably do well in the next level. And again I love the literature selection. Right now I’m reading through the Beatrix Potter Stories and am excited about the other literature selections:

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling
Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Pinocchio by C. Collodi
The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney

Language Lessons Through Literature 1
I have read the Beatrix Potter books before but not daily like I am with Lance. I know I’ve read a story here and there. The children have listened to all of them via audio book and have watched them as well. My sister bought them the audio book and dvd set years ago before Lance was born and we have all enjoyed this wonderful gift.

I can’t wait for level 4 which will hopefully be released in the fall of this year. The author is really working hard to get levels 4 and 5 out. I’m excited!

Lance also completed an All About Reading lesson. We didn’t complete lesson 2.
All About Reading
Ethan wouldn’t take a picture with our new set-up, so Lance held the cookie sheet for me.
All About Reading
I should have you all look for the bag of beans (like where’s Waldo) since it moves from place to place. I seriously don’t have a home for the bag of beans and baking soda that are hanging out in the kitchen.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Today’s story was about two naughty mice.
All About Reading
Lance was not happy. Often he comes to ‘class’ a bit grumpy. I ignore it and continue on with the lesson. Most times he turns that frown upside down. Not today though. It makes it harder to teach him when he is grouchy but we got through our lessons.

He also completed another Spelling You See lesson but I forgot to take a picture.

All children completed CTC Math as well. This is a review item so I’ve stopped some MUS for now. So far the kiddos are loving it and I’m seeing progress. I like that it grades everything.

Joshua is loving his logic class via Heart Of Dakota, using Art of Argument. It’s amazing how God works. There have been several homeschooling programs that I’ve wanted to use in the past with Josh and Annette but was never able to fit it in.

Come to find out Heart of Dakota has scheduled many of what I wanted to use in their curriculum. Like Art of Argument, Fallacy Detective, Mapping the World with Art, Bob Jones Literature, Writing Essentials, and lots of great books.

With Annette: Who Am I,  Map Trek, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, The Elements the Ingredient of the Universe and Evolution the Grand Experiment.

The next high school guide will have Josh studying Pilgrims Progress from Answers in Genesis which I purchased years ago (and am not sure if I still own it or not).

I love how God works in our lives. Even when it comes to the little details like what we are learning in our homeschooling.

Almost daily I look at the books and programs I’m using and am so incredibly grateful. I show the children and tell them that their mama didn’t have half of what they use when I was in school. I am so thankful to the Lord to have my children home and that I’m able to teach and use some pretty amazing curricula!

All About Reading-Spelling You See-Writing

The boys are doing well with All About Reading and I’m making sure to teach it.

Ethan completed lessons 8 and 9 today.
All About Reading
He finished his first Writing and Rhetoric lessons. Yay. He rewrote his first fable.
Writing and Rhetoric
I don’t know if I should have him use Spelling You See or All About Spelling. I have All About Spelling which would save me $30.00 but I don’t know if I can fit it in. Unless I start him with Wild Tales. Hmmm, decisions.
All About Reading 2
Lance likes putting the tiles in alphabetical order.
All About Reading 2
Lance completed part of lesson 2 and might finish it tomorrow. He’s moving a bit slower than Ethan which is fine.
All About Spelling
Lance finished another lesson of Spelling You See.
Spelling You See
Both boys also completed CTC Math which they love! I think they like seeing their math score and it going up as they improve.

Lane also completed another lesson from Learning Language Through Literature. I didn’t do a lesson with Ethan because he was suppose to copy part of his narration. Since he rewrote a fable today I felt that was enough.

I’m so glad I am keeping up with the two youngest. I love seeing them progress and getting school done. Next thing I’ll add is American History from Golden Prairie Press (a review item).

I’m In Print!!!

I received my magazine, The Old Schoolhouse 2014 Annual Print Book a few weeks ago. It’s a whopping 288 pages!
Homeschooling6 Mom
I was very honored when Ms. Kate told me that my review for The Power in Your Hand Writing Nonfiction in High School by Sharon Watson was chosen to be in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I admit I was very shocked and excited and still am. Also very humbled and grateful. It’s not everyday that something I write is published!!!!

My kids were excited for their mama too!
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
That’s Caleb, Brent, and Annette.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Josh, excuse the ‘laundry’ room. Brent and Annette were so excited (I was following them around with the camera) they didn’t care about the laundry in the background. Embarrassing!!!
So we staged another picture of Josh but it wasn’t the same.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Hubby was so proud of me. He read the review and was very impressed. I am so nervous writing up and publishing my reviews on my blog that I don’t normally have hubby read them.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
I love his smile.
If you are interested in reading my review turn to page 283.

Weekend Wrap-Up

It’s been a wonderful weekend. I missed my hubby and three oldest boys though (Josh, Caleb, Brent). The all camped out at the Alert Cadet Headquarters. The bathrooms were in need of repair so the boys, hubby, and other Alert Cadet members in our area went, as a service project. Sadly I don’t have any pictures.

Our weekend actually started on Thursday. Lupe took the day off to get things ready for the camping trip.

The boys helped their dad fix our back fence. It was literally falling apart.
We have also ‘fenced’ off the grass too. We are praying it will grow back. Last year we paid a pretty penny to buy sod. Through winter it has died like much of Texas grass in this area.

The picture below is where we still need to fix the fence.
This is how pretty the fence looks now. Caleb and Brent worked all week digging holes, putting the poles in and filling them with cement. It was a lot of work and I’m very proud of my boys for not complaining.
Josh in the picture above and Caleb below.
Brent worked hard at breaking the cement off the old poles.
Look at all that concrete! Great job Brent!
Out with the old worn out fence.
Caleb and dad.
Friday morning the boys and Lupe left. Annette, Ethan, Lance, and I had pizza that night. I thought it would be something fun. Earlier I bought them all a Mocha Frap.
I only ate the topping. I was tempted to eat the crust too but I didn’t. Well, almost. I did have a bite!

Annette wanted to carry on with the Chocolate Chip Cookie night. Josh is the one that makes them every Friday. Rain or shine.
Lance having way too much fun getting his hand dirty! Annette let the boys make their own cookie. They chose to make a big one each instead of 3 little ones.
I didn’t get a picture of Ethan. He did help some, Annette made sure of that! He was also having fun playing with his cousins outside.
We were out of our Brain Booster candy so I went to work on that.
The boys wanted to stay up all night so I let them. I told them they couldn’t play on the computer though. I knew without any computer or television time they would fall asleep shortly after midnight.

I was right. Look who I found in my bed the next morning.
His fee may be big to you all but to me they are so cute!
And that face is so adorable!
My boys found the Teddy Bear Counters. Yes, they still play with them.
Ethan is getting them ready for war.
Teddy Bear Counters
Teddy Bear Counters
Lance introducing the Teddy Bear Counter to his soldiers.
 Teddy Bear Counters
Like I said, I love his feet. They are so perfect.
We ate strawberries.
Lance bought a new soldier to add to his collection.
I made me a chocolate chip cookie in a minute. It doesn’t look like much but it was yummy!
Low Carb Cookie
I think I put 1/4 cup almond flour, 1tbl ghee, 1/8tsp maple flavoring, 1/4 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt, 1 egg, 2tbl sugar free chocolate chips, 2tbl xylitol. It was a bit sweet but good. Maybe I’ll try a little less ‘sugar’.

Saturday while the boys played outside Annette and I watched a movie about Naomi and Ruth on Netflix. We both enjoyed it.

Another picture of the boys playing with the Teddy Bear Counters. It must be the attack of the teddy counters!!!
I enjoyed an iced coffee with cream. I love how pretty the cream and coffee look.
Sunday my Sweets came home!!!

We sat outside while the baby napped in the stroller.
I love his feet too. I guess you can say I have a thing for feet, haha!
My Sweets came home so exhausted that he took a nap in his lounge chair. It was chilly outside but so nice too.

When he woke up hubby noticed that there were lots of birds in the tree.
Could it be a sign that spring is in the air. This cold winter will come to an end because it has been unusually cold here.
I don’t know what kind of birds these are. There were a few different kind. I saw a young woodpecker, cardinal, and maybe some finches but I’m not sure what these yellow ones are.
There were so many that I had to take picture.
This one appears to be upside down.
They look like some birds that have passed through here before almost four years ago! I wonder if these were the same kind (Waxing).
My camera didn’t take a very clear picture but they seem to have some of the same ‘features’.
We saw what looked like a black bird. It was making different bird sounds (it was not a mocking bird) but the strangest thing about it was one sound, sounded like the electricity that runs through the wires. It was the strangest thing.

I can watch the animals in the backyard for hours. Sometimes we watch the squirrels play in the trees too.
And Lance.
Ethan getting ready to bake more cookies. The kids always make enough cookie dough to last days.
Ethan has a phone. Lupe and I call it the phone that does nothing.
When Lupe took the kids yard sale shopping a few weeks ago a gentlemen gave Ethan a small box of outdated phones. He can charge this one and take pictures but that’s about it.
And that is another Weekend Wrap-Up!