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All About Reading and Spelling You See

My first week with using All About Reading went great! I completed 6 lessons with Ethan and 1 lesson with Lance which took us 3 days to complete. 
My goal with Lance is to take it at his pace and not rush.
All About Reading
Ethan is learning about syllabication in this lesson (vccv).
I love both All About Reading and All About Spelling but I will be honest. One of the reasons why I keep going back and forth with these programs is the time it takes to teach so many levels and all the pieces. I get overwhelmed at times.

I know I want to continue with All About Reading with both boys (Ethan and Lance) but with All About Spelling I’m not so sure (still pondering). I’d like to start Caleb and Brent with level 3 together, use Level 2 with Ethan, and level 1 with Lance. I have everything to get started (well almost, the AAS books are lost in storage).

But what is holding me back is the time it takes to teach 3 levels of AAS and 2 sessions of AAR so with all that said I am really considering using Spelling You See with Caleb and Brent.

Just thinking out loud here Winking smile. Caleb and Brent were doing will with Reading Lessons Through Literature BUT because I am now adding Alert Cadet and Philosophy Adventure to their school day we are not getting to RLTL.
I ended up turning Reading Lessons Through Literature into both their reading and spelling program. 

What I like about Spelling You See is for my two older boys they can do much of it on their own, it includes copywork and dictation.

So that’s what I’m bouncing around right now with what to do about spelling and reading.
All About Spelling
Lance completing his dictation.
All About Spelling
He spelled 14 words correct. I did help with with the word played.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts out loud :)

    What level of SUS is Lance doing above?

  2. Thanks! I totally understand that time involved with AAS/AAR. I really admire those teaching it (especially with multiple children) because I find it really, really hard to find a balance time-wise. One day it was a simple 5 minute lesson and then the next day was over 30 minutes to read words and phrases. I just couldn't get it to work for me and that's after buying and re-buying the program.

    I pray that you will find a way to fit in all that you love to teach.


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