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All About Reading (Caleb and Brent)

Today I did a practice run with All About Reading level 3 with the two older middle boy, Caleb and Brent.
I’m not going to commit to it just yet. I want to make sure I can fit it in first.

Because I was teaching both boys at the same time I put the baking sheet in front of me on the table and pulled the letters as I needed them. It worked out great!
All About Reading
The boys really enjoyed the lesson. There was lots of laughs.

When I was done teaching the boys put the letter tiles back in alphabetical order. They, the tiles, were ready for another lesson (with Lance).
All About Reading
I didn’t lose any tiles but I did have one fall off the board now and then.

The boys were so good with putting the tiles back. They had lots more laughs. I don’t remember what was so funny but I’m glad they had a good time.

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