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All About Reading-Spelling You See-Writing

The boys are doing well with All About Reading and I’m making sure to teach it.

Ethan completed lessons 8 and 9 today.
All About Reading
He finished his first Writing and Rhetoric lessons. Yay. He rewrote his first fable.
Writing and Rhetoric
I don’t know if I should have him use Spelling You See or All About Spelling. I have All About Spelling which would save me $30.00 but I don’t know if I can fit it in. Unless I start him with Wild Tales. Hmmm, decisions.
All About Reading 2
Lance likes putting the tiles in alphabetical order.
All About Reading 2
Lance completed part of lesson 2 and might finish it tomorrow. He’s moving a bit slower than Ethan which is fine.
All About Spelling
Lance finished another lesson of Spelling You See.
Spelling You See
Both boys also completed CTC Math which they love! I think they like seeing their math score and it going up as they improve.

Lane also completed another lesson from Learning Language Through Literature. I didn’t do a lesson with Ethan because he was suppose to copy part of his narration. Since he rewrote a fable today I felt that was enough.

I’m so glad I am keeping up with the two youngest. I love seeing them progress and getting school done. Next thing I’ll add is American History from Golden Prairie Press (a review item).

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