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Father~Daughter Banquet

Every year at our little church two special ladies put together a father-daughter banquet. I’m so thankful they take the time to do this. It’s a real blessing to so many families.

My husband for the second year has taken our two lovely nieces as well.
Annette made the dresses with help from her sewing teacher.

I don’t normally post pics of my nieces but this is a special occasion.
One of the activities was each girl was given half a heart. She had to find the other half and get to know the other person. Annette ended up getting her cousin.
My beautiful niece that is 6 months younger then my own daughter.
All the daughters.

This year the fathers assignment was to talk about how the girls have grown spiritually over the year.

Lupe and I were talking how the question made us take a step back and really look at how Annette has grown this year.

I see her maturing into a beautiful, God fearing, servant for Christ. One of her goals is to read the Bible through. She has tried in the past (which I think is great) but will forget a day or let a day slip.

She has also grown in the area of gleaning from me when I correct her. If I see her getting frustrated I’ll say a few words and she doesn’t get upset (like she use too). Before we use to get into little spats but now she is thankful and refrains from saying something not Christ-like or getting upset.

She is also very picky about books she reads. Right now she loves the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. Just last weeks she purchased one of the audio books and all the kids are listening to it.
She also loves biographies. What I love about her is she sees faults in herself and wants to better her character. She has also told me that reading good books helps to remind her that she’s not here for herself but to serve others and to keep her focus on Christ.
Lupe took the girls to our favorite coffee shop.
Annette’s hair so pretty.
The smaller pictures were taken from my phone so the images are not as clear when I enlarge them.
She’s wearing one of the limited editions flexi clips.


  1. Sounds and looks like a great time. And everyone looks so pretty. :)

  2. The girls absolutely love it, especially dressing up and all.

  3. Precious! There is just a special bond between a father and a daughter.

  4. Precious! There is just a special bond between a father and a daughter.


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