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Fitness Cards

I’m reviewing Strength Stack 52-Fitness Cards and today was the second day using them.
Strength Stack 52
Boy did I get a workout with the kids. We played the game War with our fitness cards.
Fitness Card Game
Of course I kept losing but that was a good thing.
Strength Stack 52
One time I had to do the Wall Sit, no problem, I got this!
(I should have slid down a bit more Winking smile)
Strength Stack 52
Okay, after about 20 seconds it gets a bit hard, feeling the burn as Brent would say.
Strength Stack 52
Strength Stack 52
Brent doing the Frog Lunge, yes I had to do these too, 15 reps!
Strength Stack 52
We did it!

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  1. Look at you!!! So impressed and love all the smiles :)


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