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Friday Shopping

Friday morning is grocery shopping day so I thought I’d share how much we pay for our food. For some odd reason I loved reading what my mom bought and paid for years later. She use to write things like that down.
I bought the strawberries at Sprouts. They were 2 packages for $5.00.
Organic Valley Whipping Cream~$3.69
Organic butter from Krogers was on sale $3.69. I don’t normally buy organic butter, I’d like too though, it’s just too expensive. I really need to pick and choose.
Lifeway Organic Kefir (plain)~$3.2
Organic Whole Milk Yogurt 64oz~$8.69
I was excited to find whole milk yogurt. It’s hard to find. I normally don’t buy Kombucha because it’s expensive but every so often I feel like having ‘juice’. The carbs are net 7 per serving.
~Organic Valley Whole Milk-$5.49 a gallon (I buy 5 gallons a week)

I need to start making my own Enchilada Sauce because at $2.49 a bottle it gets expensive.
I normally make my own spaghetti sauce but I was feeling lazy Friday (we had spaghetti). Goofy me I bought a sauce that had a bit of sugar added. These jars were $2.99 each.
~OrganicCorn What Blend Tortillas-$1.99
~Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas-$1.99
Organic White Tortillas~$1.99

Since we are not 100% wheat free I thought I’d at least buy organic. Same with cereal.
~Purely O’s 8.6 oz-$3.99
~Kashi $3.79

I buy what is on sale. Last week I was able to buy Cascadian Farm Organic cereals for $2.50 a box.
I bought ganola for the kids to mix with the plain yogurt.

Other foods I purchased:
~Bananas $0.54lb
~Blackberries .98 for one of those small containers.
~Frontera Salsa $4.59
~Quick Oats 0.99lb
~Silk Almond Milk from Krogers was on sale for $2.69
~1 dozen cage free eggs $2.99
~Kroger brand chocolate chips $2.19 for a regular size bag.

I spent $187.78

Some weeks I spend more and other weeks less. I rotate what I buy. One week it will be more produce and other weeks it's more dry goods.

For instance I don't buy tortillas every week or the granola may last two weeks so I don't need to purchase it weekly. 


  1. I love these types of posts and yet I rarely document these realistic memories of how times change.

    Love that you found so much organic, too. We rarely get things that are organic unless I make a long drive out of town - which I do once a month, but I always forget something...hehe!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Looks like some yummy food.

  3. I've been making my own kefir and Kombucha! It is easy to do and soooo much cheaper than store bought. I can teach you how and send you a scoby to start!

  4. Been meaning to come over and comment on this all week! Thank you so much for sharing! We went on Sunday, but I was too lazy to photograph everything, as I didn't think to do it until everything was put away and I saw your post! Maybe next time!

    I couldn't buy organic butter this time, as I really tried hard to cut expenses. And instead of spaghetti sauce, I bought stewed tomatoes to make my own. I have a really good enchilada sauce recipe for you if you need one - it is on All Recipes.

  5. This Friday's trip I was too lazy to take pics but hopefully I'll do another one.

    I'd love your enchilada sauce. I have been meaning to start making my own.


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