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Homeschooling Days @ Homeschooling6

Today has been busy, busy, busy, with trying to get schooling done.

I stared with Ethan today.

~Language Lessons Through Literature-lesson 8.
~I read a chapter of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
~All About Reading 2-lesson 1
~CTC Math (a review item)-completed a diagnostic test and one lesson. He also practiced his multiplication facts.
~Writing & Rhetoric-lesson 1, day 1. I read a fable, he narrated it back to me, and we discussed it.
This took 2 hours which I expected but notice there is no history or science. For now he’ll have to get that from other sources like DVDs, audio books, and read alouds.
Bible is from AWANA but I’d like to add either Christian Studies from Memoria Press, God’s Great Covenant from Classical Academic Press, or Philippians in 28 Weeks.

After doing the Stick With it 6 Week Challenge with using Reading Lessons Through Literature, it got me motivated to go back to All About Reading and All About Spelling. I loved Reading Lessons Through Literature but I felt that we needed to slow down some with the phonograms (since I was using it as a spelling and reading program).

This is what I like about All About Reading and All About Spelling. They both concentrate on a handful of phonograms for a while. It think it can get confusing when there are so many phonograms that make one sound for instance ir, wor, er, ear, they all make the /ir/ sound but you don’t know which one to use to spell bird, search, worm, etc.

AND, I also like that spelling and reading are taught separately. I have noticed that I was turning Reading Lessons Through Literature more into a spelling program because he could read the words.

I also wanted the syllabication rules incorporated into the reading program. I think that is so important to teach so when they come across a word that they haven’t encountered before they have the tools (rules) to figure it out.

I have All About Reading Level 2 and ordered Level 3. Since I have level 2 I thought I’d start there but move at a faster pace. I don’t want him to miss anything. Maybe once I get AAR 3 in my hands I can pick and choose lessons in level 2 that I feel will benefit him and move onto Level 3.
Classical Academic Press
Our first lesson with Classical Academic Press writing program with Ethan. I plan to take this one day at a time and pray that I don’t get discouraged if I don’t see results right away. This is one area I am working on with me (it’s only taken me how many years of homeschooling . . .). So again I’m going to challenge myself and do another Stick With It series.

This time I’ll be sticking with Writing and Rhetoric and All About Reading with Ethan. My goal is to stick with it. This doesn’t mean I have to do this everyday like I did with Reading Lessons Through Literature challenge.
My teaching time with Ethan took about 2 hours and I don’t know if I can handle that daily with 2hrs with Lance and another 2hrs. with Caleb and Brent together. I’d be greatly pleased if I could do this every other day. 

My days teaching Ethan and Lance would look like this.
Week 1:~Monday-Ethan (AAR, LLTL, Writing)
~Tuesday-Lance (AAR, LLTL)

Week 2:~Monday-Lance

Both boys will complete math daily. Lance will complete Spelling You See daily as well (that’s a review item and has to get done). For myself I’ll also teach Brent and Caleb daily. Right now we are working on a review item, Philosophy Adventure. I’m really excited to start this with the boys. For the review period I will do this 4 days a week (hopefully 5). Once the review time is over I’d like to take it slower and alternate between Writing & Rhetoric. Maybe one week use Philosophy Adventure and another use Writing & Rhetoric. But time will tell.

I was suppose to write about our day but I got side tracked with writing about what I plan to do with the two younger ones. I tell ya’ I’m am constantly learning how is the best way to teach my kids. I’m sure you all get pretty dizzy Confused smilereading my blog and the whirlwind of a ride I take you on Surprised smile!

Lance completing a CTC Math lesson. He loves this program!!!
CTC Math


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