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Homeschooling Days (Thursday)

Another cold day here in Texas. Our weather is so crazy. It teases us. It can be a warm day with a cool breeze and the next ice cold. Or as they say if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes because it will change. That’s how it is here in Texas and strangely l like it!

Today my first student was Lance. He couldn’t wait to get his school over with. Little stinker but at least he came with a good attitude this morning.
I didn’t take a lot of pictures today. Lance has almost completed All About Reading lesson-2. It’s taken him all week but there is no rushing. Not like I use to be, always feeling like I had to rush through a lesson.
He completed another lesson of Language Lessons Through Literature. I read about a cute little cat and how she caught a mouse but he got away through a whole in her handkerchief. Lance said it was boring because it was too short.

Lance completed another Spelling You See Lesson. Today was creative writing day. He decided to write about Curious George. Actually he copied it.

Once I was done with Lance I let him have a break and then along with Ethan we did some Sunday School review.

In Sunday School the kids are learning about creation. Instead of letting their take home sheets end up in the trash I decided to use them at home to review what they have learned at church.
Sunday School Lesson
After I was all done with Lance and he was free to go, Ethan was next.
I wanted to start with Bible.
Christian Studies
I still haven’t decided what to use with Ethan other than his AWANA so today I pulled out our Christian Studies and thought we might read from The Golden Children’s Bible. I want Ethan to practice reading aloud more and this is a good way for him to get it in (without him realizing it).

I misplaced my teacher manual though and am asking for prayer to find it. I have been looking for weeks and weeks.
After we read from the Bible it was time to dig in to All About Reading. He knew that I’ve been sneaking in two lessons. Not that I was trying to be sneaky but I know he can handle it. Today he asked if he could do only one lesson. Since we had a late start I agreed.

Lesson 12 was completed and I’m hoping tomorrow to do lesson 13. I usually don’t teach a lot on Friday.

Then we did Language Lessons Through Literature. I am enjoying our read aloud time. I didn’t realize that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was so different from the movie.

I started Ethan with Spelling You See today. Of course he was not happy to have something else added to his school day but oh well such is life.
By the time I finished with Ethan it was lunch. I was hungry. I made me a hamburger patty, topped with a slice of Cheddar Cheese, onions, mushrooms, and a cup of white rice with some soy sauce. I’ve been craving some white rice.

Look what Josh made.
What a happy cook he is!
As always we listened to an Adventure in Odyssey. The kids and I love listening to them and at times I need to hold back tears!

After lunch it was back to school for me. I still had to teach Caleb and Brent, Philosophy Adventure. I’m really liking this program. The boys get a little geography and history in as well as writing and thinking skills.

Along with Philosophy Adventure we are studying the book of Philippians using Philippians in 28 weeks. The boys are copying Philippians, we all take turns reading the book, and at the end of the week we discuss what we are reading.

I would love if they memorized the book of Philippians but for now we are only studying it. The kids memorize verses in AWANA and Alert Cadet.
Also as suggested by Philosophy Adventure we are reading The Wise Women. I read the 2nd chapter today. I’m praising the Lord that Ethan my 11yr. old son wants to sit in on the reading. I really know that God will touch his heart.

My sweet Ethan is having trouble with joy lately. He doesn’t seem to have it often. He is quite moody. I am really praying about how to help him. I have been really watching my attitude with how I respond.
While I was reading through the book of Phil. and The Wise Women, Ethan was quietly drawing. Because of his Grandpa Joe he is a Viking fan, so that’s why his picture says, ‘I Like Viking’.

I texted my hubby and sent him the picture and we both agreed how detailed his picture is.
Look at the roots underground and the little worms, what a great job he did. I dated his picture and put it in with the rest of his school stuff so it won’t get lost.

The baby arrived and will be here for the next 8 hours so I better stop writing. Hope you all enjoyed reading another day here at Homeschooling6!


  1. How do you like the MM Christian Studies? It is one of those things on my "maybe" list, but I have never taken the plunge.

  2. I like it, I just need to use it ;) I like to spread it out for a week or two though. Once I find my teacher guide and we get going with it I'll write more about it. It's something that I've been wanting to use too.


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