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I’m In Print!!!

I received my magazine, The Old Schoolhouse 2014 Annual Print Book a few weeks ago. It’s a whopping 288 pages!
Homeschooling6 Mom
I was very honored when Ms. Kate told me that my review for The Power in Your Hand Writing Nonfiction in High School by Sharon Watson was chosen to be in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I admit I was very shocked and excited and still am. Also very humbled and grateful. It’s not everyday that something I write is published!!!!

My kids were excited for their mama too!
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
That’s Caleb, Brent, and Annette.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Josh, excuse the ‘laundry’ room. Brent and Annette were so excited (I was following them around with the camera) they didn’t care about the laundry in the background. Embarrassing!!!
So we staged another picture of Josh but it wasn’t the same.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Hubby was so proud of me. He read the review and was very impressed. I am so nervous writing up and publishing my reviews on my blog that I don’t normally have hubby read them.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
I love his smile.
If you are interested in reading my review turn to page 283.


  1. How exciting for you! I didn't even know that this was in print anymore (I thought it went online only and I stopped reading it.)


  2. That is so great!! I just got my magazine the other day so I'll make sure I read it soon. :)


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