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Let’s Click 365 Days (Annette’s Space)

Annette has her very own desk now. It was a much needed purchase. She normally does her school work in the kitchen. I often wonder how much she is retaining because I also do all my teaching there as well. I feel like her brain is being split in two. Listening to me and trying to focus on her stuff.
My husband found the desk while garage sale shopping on Saturday. He didn’t purchase it right away because he didn’t know where we would put it.
After measuring different spaces he found a spot for it in Annette’s room. There was a bookshelf there that had to be taken down. Ethan was not happy because two shelves were his.
I love how she found a space for her air-soft stuff.
There is no more room for any more furniture. Her room is packed with:
~2 desks
~2 bunkbeds
~2 bookshelves
~2 brothers
~3 guinea pigs
~1 Beta fish

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  1. A nice find and so glad she has a place to call her own.


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