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Let’s Click 365 Days (The Children and Me)

I have been watching a baby for the past 6 months. He’s an adorable little guy at almost ten months now.
I love just holding him. He will put his arm around my neck and just hang on. It’s the cutest little thing.
Jesus said, let the little children come to me
He’s at our house for a 40 hour work week, maybe more at times. His mama is working hard to provide for them both. She’s really a sweet person.
I also watch two girls some weekends. Their mama too is a hard working women providing for her little family. One of the girls is 4 and I’ve been having fun printing thins off for her to do. I have even made a few purchases of things I have given away for her age.
Pre-K pack
Sometimes I have the kids on Sunday and so they accompany us to church. I made the above preschool pack for the little girl. Our church doesn’t have “Little Church” for the kids. They sit with us in the “Big Church”.
I put everything in this Lakeshore Learning bag that I happened to find.
Here is the little one coloring the letter ‘A’. I think I got this from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
Let the little ones come to me
I still need to think of some things for the 10 year old to do.
I also take care of my 5 year old nephew, 8 year old niece, and 11 year old nephew. Again, their mama is an amazing women working to provide for her children.
Jesus loves the little children
My 5yr. old nephew building with little Legos.
Jesus loves the little children
Coloring a Scooby-do page and even doing some CTC Math!
CTC Math
I love his chubby little hands.
CTC Math
My 8 year old niece.
She is all girl. I love her little outfits.
Jesus love me this I know
And of course I absolutely love her little hands too!
Playing CTC Math!!!
I have the opportunity to watch another child while her mama works too. She’s 8 years old and it will be over the summer. I’m praying about it.
As you can see, our little house is often full. Sometimes our table will have 10 children sitting around it.
Is this our ministry @ Homeschooling6?!?!?! Sometimes I’m not sure and other times I am.
I was really looking forward to only schooling my children, you know, just us. My two younger niece and nephew are now in school (I still watch them after school and love that I get to be part of their daily lives) but you know what, I think God had other plans. A single mama of an adorable 3 month old needed a babysitter. It seems when I want to get comfortable another child comes our way.
I pray that our house can be a place where the children feel safe and loved. I have a wonderful hubby who helps with all the children when he can.
And my kiddos are like big brothers and of course 1 big sister to them all.
Sometimes it can be hard but then I remember that Jesus wants me to have open arms to these beautiful children. I pray for them and their mamas. I know it’s not easy having to drop their children off at the babysitter. I know, I’ve been there. But I pray that they leave off to work knowing that their children are safe and being lovingly cared for.


  1. ((( hugs ))) I used to do licensed daycare but I only homeschooled 1 child. You are AAAAAMAZING! and such a blessing to touch the lives of so many children and their families.

  2. Oh, wow, I learned something new about you today =) Some day I'd like to be licensed. Maybe when Annette get older we can take classes together.


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