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Let’s Click 365 Days (Ethan)

Ethan is my 5th child, our 4th son. He has always been a challenge for me. I don’t mean that in a negative way. Yes, it’s hard at times with his special will and all, but he has a huge heart.
I mean look at that face!
Ethan can be very moody and gets his feeling hurt easily. He can often act like a teenage child. Thankfully he doesn’t talk back but he has been known to slam a few doors. He knows when he has done wrong and will ask for forgiveness.
In a way I understand my little Ethan because he’s a lot like me. I have had talks with him about that and will tell him you can be better than me. I know he tries hard not to let his flesh take over with his feelings. Sometimes he will come to me and ask me to pray with him and ask God to help him through what he is feeling. We are both working on ourselves in ‘don’t let your feelings/emotions (what we call our flesh because it’s not from the Holy Spirit) take over because the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?’.
Ethan is very observant too. He will see a need and fulfill it. He helps his auntie with the kids when she takes him places. He will sweep her porch. It’s funny because to get him to do chores is like pulling teeth at home but when he sees someone (like his auntie or grandpa) needs help he’s there.
He is a great garage sale shopper! Lupe takes the kids and he’s learned a thing or two from his dad. A few weeks ago he wanted to buy a Monopoly game. The lady said it was $3.00. Ethan said will you take $2.00? The women told him, “You have been garage sale shopping before haven’t you?” Ethan just gave her that cute smile.
Another time while out garage sale shopping he found two items that would have added up to $3.50. He asked the guy, will you take $2.00 for both. The guy said ‘no’ but that’s what’s so great about Ethan, he’s okay with that. He doesn’t get his feeling hurt. He just moves on.
At first you’d think Ethan is timid and shy (he’s the one who went mute on me for 3 months) but he’s not afraid to ask a store clerk how much a toy is or like at a garage sale, he won’t hesitate to bargain with the person having the garage sale.
When I look into Ethan’s eyes I can see lots of love, happiness, and some beautiful brown eyes.


  1. Aww...a sweet post! I love how each of our children are all so different and touch a mama's heart deep within.

  2. Such a cutie! I think he and Colby would be good friends! We talk a lot about self control around here and "catching your words" and "controlling your responses!" Praise God that He is patient with us daily- momma and child!

  3. It's quite embarrassing admitting that he gets some of his not so good traits from me, gulp. But I catch myself having the same exact attitude.
    Yes, He is so patient and I'm thankful that he shows these things to us.


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