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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

I’m so not creative when it comes titles.

Today I started with Caleb and Brent.
Philosophy Adventure
After we completed our Philosophy Adventure lesson I read a chapter from The Wise Women. We are answering the questions orally. Ethan came to join us during the reading.

I love that this gets my children thinking. The paper they are writing is answering question: Where did I come from and why am I here? Why is there evil, suffering, and death? Is there hope for my future?
I was impressed with the boys and their retention of the information.
Next I nabbed Ethan. We started with All About Reading and completed 2 more lessons. He is progressing quite nicely. I can’t wait for him to start level 3!
All About Reading
To save time I found the cleanest cookie sheet I own and have put the magnetic letters on it. Today Ethan addressed an ‘envelope’ to his grandparents.
 All About Reading
I know I shouldn’t be praising myself but I am so proud of me with sticking to our lessons. I know we started off with Reading Lessons Through Literature then switched after the 6 weeks to All About Reading BUT the point is we are continuing with lessons! I’m so excited. I can tell that Ethan is improving with his reading. When we go through the student cards he doesn’t hesitate very much. With reading the stories he doesn’t need much help.

I am loving Language Lessons Through Literature. Ethan is currently completed lesson 12 and using level 2.
Language Lessons Through Literature
We are probably completing three lessons a week. I know Ethan could have started with level 3 but I love the literature in level to (and 3). I am enjoying our time with our read aloud The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Then I get to read:

The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lange (I’m excited about this one)
Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
The Wind and the Willow by Kenneth Grahame
Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Crazy as it may seem I own most of the books but I haven’t read any of them to my children. 

Before each lesson I read a chapter and am really enjoying it.
Lance is using Language Lessons Through Literature level 1 and again, he too can probably do well in the next level. And again I love the literature selection. Right now I’m reading through the Beatrix Potter Stories and am excited about the other literature selections:

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling
Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Pinocchio by C. Collodi
The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney

Language Lessons Through Literature 1
I have read the Beatrix Potter books before but not daily like I am with Lance. I know I’ve read a story here and there. The children have listened to all of them via audio book and have watched them as well. My sister bought them the audio book and dvd set years ago before Lance was born and we have all enjoyed this wonderful gift.

I can’t wait for level 4 which will hopefully be released in the fall of this year. The author is really working hard to get levels 4 and 5 out. I’m excited!

Lance also completed an All About Reading lesson. We didn’t complete lesson 2.
All About Reading
Ethan wouldn’t take a picture with our new set-up, so Lance held the cookie sheet for me.
All About Reading
I should have you all look for the bag of beans (like where’s Waldo) since it moves from place to place. I seriously don’t have a home for the bag of beans and baking soda that are hanging out in the kitchen.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Today’s story was about two naughty mice.
All About Reading
Lance was not happy. Often he comes to ‘class’ a bit grumpy. I ignore it and continue on with the lesson. Most times he turns that frown upside down. Not today though. It makes it harder to teach him when he is grouchy but we got through our lessons.

He also completed another Spelling You See lesson but I forgot to take a picture.

All children completed CTC Math as well. This is a review item so I’ve stopped some MUS for now. So far the kiddos are loving it and I’m seeing progress. I like that it grades everything.

Joshua is loving his logic class via Heart Of Dakota, using Art of Argument. It’s amazing how God works. There have been several homeschooling programs that I’ve wanted to use in the past with Josh and Annette but was never able to fit it in.

Come to find out Heart of Dakota has scheduled many of what I wanted to use in their curriculum. Like Art of Argument, Fallacy Detective, Mapping the World with Art, Bob Jones Literature, Writing Essentials, and lots of great books.

With Annette: Who Am I,  Map Trek, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, The Elements the Ingredient of the Universe and Evolution the Grand Experiment.

The next high school guide will have Josh studying Pilgrims Progress from Answers in Genesis which I purchased years ago (and am not sure if I still own it or not).

I love how God works in our lives. Even when it comes to the little details like what we are learning in our homeschooling.

Almost daily I look at the books and programs I’m using and am so incredibly grateful. I show the children and tell them that their mama didn’t have half of what they use when I was in school. I am so thankful to the Lord to have my children home and that I’m able to teach and use some pretty amazing curricula!


  1. Cool - lots of great literature selections. We loved Wind in the Willows - Toad was hilarious!

    Velveteen Rabbit always makes me cry.

    I love Art of Argument and I am looking forward to my youngest being about to use like his big brothers did. :)

  2. I started Wind in the Willows but never finished it. Can't wait to read it.

    I can't believe I haven't read many of these books.


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