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School Days @ Homeschooling6

I need to remember to save, save, save, my post as I type. Ugh, I was almost done blogging about our day when the electricity went out. I think a pole must have been hit because I can hear sirens. I was disappointed but stayed calm and prayed just in case there was an accident.

I had wrote in detail too but of course it’s all lost so I’m going to just add the pictures. The baby is waking up now too!!! I’ll give him some organic rice puffs, haha.

Caleb and Brent are studying about Thales from Philosophy Adventure.
Philosophy Adventure
I started this with the boys just yesterday and I can tell it’s going to really stretch all of us. I knew that going into this review item though. I’m excited about using Philosophy Adventure.

The boys and I also read through Philippians. I started them on Philippians in 28 Weeks but am not sure if we will actually memorize it all. I might just have them read it 3x a week with me, do the copywork, and discuss the questions.

I’d love for them to memorize Philippians but with AWANA and Alert Cadet, I think it might be too much. In both programs they memorize scripture. In Alert Cadet they also memorize character trait stuff as well. I don’t know, we’ll see.
Language Lessons Through Literature
I started Lance with Learning Lessons Through Literature level 1 and may go a bit faster through the lessons. I want him to get into the grammar portion. He probably would have been fine starting with level 2 but I love the literature selections from level 1.

Lance also completed half a lesson from All About Reading level 2.
Spelling You See
I was excited to get the Spelling You See books in the mail last week, wahoo!!! Lance completed this lesson the week before but I had him back up because we took a week off. Next week he will chunk the bossy r’s.
Language Lessons Through Literature
Ethan is using Language Lessons Through Literature level 2. Again, I think he could have started with level 3 but I absolutely love the literature selections in each level. I don’t want us to miss out! Right now I am reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Can you believe this homeschooling mama hasn't read this as a read aloud!!!
Language Lessons Through Literature
The copywork is taken from the literature (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz). Ethan is still learning cursive because of this he writes some words in print.
Language Lessons Through Literature
I also listened to a narration from Josh today. He is doing so well with Heart of Dakota’s high school program. We are looking forward to the next high school guide.

All the children completed a lesson of CTC Math. Ethan and Lance are really loving this program. I don’t have to ask them to complete their assignments because they ask to do them!

The weather has been so nice today. It’s windy and a bit chilly. Anything above 30* is welcomed =)

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  1. So sorry on losing your post. It's so hard to have to type things out again.

    You did good though!


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