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Schoolhouse Review: Media Talk 101

Captivated Movie Review
We don’t have a lot of techy gadgets around our house but we do have a few computers. My 4 younger kids love to play computer games. For the most part my husband and I keep a tight reign on their computer and television time.

I’m glad I was one of the reviewers for Captivated DVD by Media Talk 101, because it’s good to have reminders with how the media and technology can really take a hold on us. Captivated the Movie was one of those reminders for me. At times I can get lazy with my kids and the amount of time they spend on the computer.

In fact I was getting lazy. With a busy schedule of homeschooling, babysitting, keeping house, disciplining, and the list goes on. I admit I was allowing my children to watch an extra half hour of Netflix (we don’t have cable) or tack on another 10 minutes to their usual 30 minute computer time.

Media Talk 101 is a non profit ministry that has heart to inform and let people know how huge an impact that the media has on our lives. Did you know the average teen consumes 7.5 hours of media a day and that the average ‘mobile’ teen sends and receives 3,339 text messages per month!!! That is hugely taking up a lot of their time. Time away from family and ‘real’ people. 

I see it all the time. People don’t even look up and say hello anymore when I’m out taking a walk. They are glued to their ipod or phone. I have seen a parent and child at coffee and/or yogurt shops where the parent is busy texting and/or the child is texting. What kind of quality time is that?
Founder and president of Media Talk 101 Philip Telfer recognized in his 20 years of ministry that media and entertainment is one of the biggest stumbling block to spiritual growth in our children, our families, and our nation.

He set out to interview pastors, teachers, authors, speakers, parents, and everyday people like you and me on this subject.

Captivated is a 107 minute documentary.

It starts by showing us how the first ‘social’ network actually started over a hundred years ago, in 1844. Samuel Morse sent a historic telegraph from the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. The telegraph allowed people to communicate without being face to face instantly!

You’ll hear many wonderful people and their stories. One women shared how she was addicted to an innocent enough game called Farmsville. She was spending hours and hours planting her crops, taking care of them, and harvesting (sounds innocent enough) but what she later discovered was how much time she was wasting on the computer ‘farming’.

You’ll also meet a family who took a media fast. They went 30 days without television, internet, cell phones, and even music. They discovered the joy of quietness. They were able to connect with each other and God. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years now and you know what, I keep putting it off because it seems so hard. T.V. would be the easy part but my Christian tunes and the computer would be the hard part but imagine the impact it would make on my family.

Along with the friendly people you will also learn how video games give a child (especially boys) a false sense of accomplishment. How the games sort of trick the brain into thinking they have accomplished something great when in fact they only moved to the next level.
Captivated is a wake-up call. I believe that everyone should take the time to watch it because although technology is a wonderful thing we can let it over take us. I know I can waste so much time doing nothing on the computer. It’s embarrassing to admit. Many times I walk away feeling guilty because I could have been spending time in God’s Word or playing a game with the kids.

This is a topic that I myself am very passionate about. I think it’s sad that our youth are so captivated (if you will) with social media Facebook, Ask.FM, YouTube, etc. It’s all about me, me, me. Look at me, read about me, ask about me, me, me. Like I have told my kids in the past when they were little, “Me gets awfully boring”, and you know what “Me” does get boring.

How we used it: I watched this with my 15, 14, 13, and 11 year old children. My 11 year old became bored which was fine. Captivated is intended for adults (but safe for all ages). I wanted my children to watch it so we could discuss it and I wanted them to understand how the internet and social media can really impact their life in a negative way if they let it. Hopefully by watching and continuing to discuss this topic with my children, they will set boundaries and be more careful when the time comes (and maybe not) with using Facebook and other forms of social media.

This past Christmas we purchased an iPod for my eldest son because I want him to learn how to handle having the world at his finger tips under our roof. I believe by having him watch Captivated he will be that much more educated in this area and make better choices in the future.

I have already recommended Captivated to my friends and family. In fact I was telling my sister-in-law about Captivated. I had mentioned how the film said that never before have children been able to tune out their parents and be in constant communication with their friends. She agreed. She said one day she was looking around her home and there were her children, some texting, some emailing, others playing games. It was then that she took all of her kids devices away.

Within days she saw a big difference with how they interacted with each other and how much more creative in their play they had become. Her children were playing outside again.

Captivated DVD-$16.95 (free shipping)
You can connect with Media Talk 101 via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
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