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Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekends start on Friday. We school Monday-Thursday with a light catch-up day on Friday.

{Feb. 28th-March 2nd)

Friday was go-to-Sprouts day. When I got home I washed all the fruit and veggies for the week.
My Mother-in-law sent me a food safe soap that gets any chemicals off the fruit and veggies GNLD called Green. I buy a mix of organic and non organic.
We miss our California strawberries.
Oranges and apples are on our snack list for this week.
I’ve been drinking my green juice. Hoping it will help me fight the nasty cold virus that won’t let me go.
Chicken soup was on the menu over the weekend.
Saturday was catch-up on candy making (Brain Boosters). I quadrupled the batches.
Skinny Chocolate
Thankfully I made a huge batch of these because I’m writing this post Tuesday morning and can’t remember what we did over the weekend.

I know we:
~made candy
~Annette went to the father-daughter banquet Saturday
~Lupe and I went on a date on Sunday
~The boys and I watched the Wizard of Oz on Saturday and made hot cocoa
~It hailed on Sunday
~I watched the baby Fri. and Sat.
~Lupe bought me a highchair for $15.00
~I have a weekend job of watching two girls ages 4 & 10. This weekend I watched them on Saturday.
~The five older kids went to a friends house and had an air-soft war
~Annette’s pink air soft gun arrived Saturday, too late for her to use at their friends house though.
Thank goodness for pictures. I’m remembering. Ethan, Brent, Lance, and their cousin had fun with noodles.
They were chasing and hitting a ball.
My nephew was talking to me and showing me his toy.
And that was another weekend here at homeschooling6!

Oh I forgot to add that Saturday the weather was so nice. Not too hot not too cold. It was in the 70's, what I call winter 70's. In the summer 70* is hot and uncomfortable here in TX.

Then Sunday was freezing, pretty interesting weather patterns here!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. The weather was so beautiful on Saturday. It's amazing how we can have perfect weather one day and the next it's freezing.


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