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Caleb and Brent School Days

I completed two more All About Reading 3 lessons with Caleb and Brent (and 2 lessons with Ethan from level 2).

I feel it in my bones that we are going to finish this, this time. I know, I know, but this time I am determined. You see next year I would like to have Caleb use Heart of Dakota: Mission to Modern Marvels.

And have Brent use Revival to Revolution. As you all may know there is a lot of reading. I may have to tweak it or maybe have them both use the same guide so I can help but I would absolutely love to have them in their own guides next year.

The main reason I’d like them on their own is because the time era. I want Brent to complete some modern history.
Here is Brent’s file folder. In it I put his progress chart, stickers, book list that I am reading aloud, the Silent Final E sheet, and the Syllabication Rule sheet. I made one for Caleb as well.

I don’t require them to play all the ‘cute’ little games but they always have fun with them. Like with today’s. I put the dog word cards in a pile and they alternated with picking one and reading the word on the back.
But they make it so funny by teasing one for getting a certain dog and laughing about another dog. The comments they make are funny.

Once we finished with the game I let them give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons to the dogs in their pile.
Here’s Brent’s.
All About Reading
And Caleb’s.
All About Reading
Both boys also enjoy adding stickers to their progress chart. I love that they are having fun with this.

The next lesson they were jazzed<----(new word, trying to get creative. Instead of using liked, enjoyed, or happy) because they got to put a room of their own together. Brent was happy it included a flat screen T.V.
Caleb’s room =)
All About Reading
And Brent’s room.
 All About Reading
It was a fun little activity. I thought it would be fun to see how they would make-up a room if they could.
 All About Reading
I am storing the extra tiles, the teacher guide, and lessons in this accordion plastic folder that my brother-in-law gave me a few years ago. I am glad I didn’t donate it.
Each week I get the lessons ready by pulling the activity and reading sheets out of the Student Activity book. I cut, paste, color, make a copy if needed, and put everything for that lesson in a sheet protector. I then place each one in the accordion section.

I put the extra tiles in the little pockets on the right side.
 All About Reading
The reading book fits in there as well. The only thing that won’t fit are all the flashcards. I love that everything is at my finger tips!
The boys this week are also learning about another philosopher from Philosophy Adventure.
Philosophy Adventure
Right now we are learning about Pythagoras. Brent thought he sounded a bit odd because of the things he believed about himself like being the son of Apollo, his secrecy with his cult like beliefs, and he said he had a gold thigh.

The boys and I are enjoying this review!
Philosophy Adventure
A new thing that the boys and I are going to do when we learn about the next philosopher is highlight main ideas, key points in their lives, and words we may need to look up.

The pages are in color but my printer is acting up. Here is how pretty they really are.

Philosophy Adventure
I started doing this and thought, hey the boys can benefit from this as well.
Philosophy Adventure
I also mark what I need to do and when. Keeps my brain from getting scattered.
Philosophy Adventure
This is our 3rd week using Philosophy Adventure. The first two weeks was a learning curve for me. I’m getting the hang of this program now.


  1. My daughter has really enjoyed Rev to Rev! It's been a wonderful year of lots of literature. I love that it is well rounded with the composer study and drawing.

  2. I'm glad to hear. I can't wait to get started with Brent. It won't be for another 4 months though. I'd like to start now and work slowly through it though.


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