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Getting Back to Schooling

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Last week I was out of commission with the flu. I was flat on my back for 8 days. Lying on the couch or in bed. It was horrible. Unfortunately no school was done.

This week I was excited to get back to school. I can’t believe I missed teaching. Maybe that ‘break’ is what I needed. Usually when I take a break I am still doing something. Not this time, so I think that helped. I was miserable but had a whole week and 1 day off.
Look what we started this week! I’m excited to use this with Ethan and Lance along with Caleb and Brent when they can join in.

It’s a huge blessing being part of the Homeschool Review Crew. You should see what’s coming next!!!
Caleb and Brent are doing well with their studies. On their own they complete Rod and Staff English and Spelling You See. I get them started with Writing Rhetoric and let them complete the rest on their own.

With Rod and Staff we do meet for about ten to fifteen minutes. I do the teacher part but they read the lesson and complete the Written and Review sections on their own. The next day we correct everything together and go over anything they missed.
Both boys also completed another All About Reading lesson, actually 2 lessons. Math right now is CTC Math. The kids really like it. They love the challenge of scoring 100%!

I had all the four younger kids come together for our history class: Heroes and Heroines of the Past.

I had the baby early today so I didn’t get as much done with Ethan and Lance. I made sure to get their reading in though and of course math.
All About Reading
Lance started lesson 5 and will hopefully complete it tomorrow.

I purchased another high school geography guide from Heart of Dakota because I wasn’t keeping on top of Joshua’s school like I should. I wanted to buy an extra guide since the start of school but they are so expensive. I finally had to just purchase one because Josh was feeling like he had to handle everything on his own. It was right before he got sick and I think he was feeling overwhelmed.
Heart of Dakota
It’s getting hot in the great state of Texas. The big bugs are coming out too, yuck!


  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better :) I am hoping that by next week I can find our groove to finish up the last few weeks of school.

  2. Thank you. I want to do a post writing about our new school year.


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